While understanding the problems that drive your need for digital transformation is simple; you feel the pain of these challenges and obstacles every day but fully understanding the risks associated with a significant digital transformation project, such as redefining your advertising management process, can be more difficult to quantify without experience. Furthermore, failure is an expensive learning process and unfortunately in the advertising industry, this has been a genuine risk for many companies who invest significantly in both capital and resources.

In order to instil trust and reduce this associated risk, ADvendio is excited to offer a money-back guarantee on internal implementations for all new advertiser, publisher and agency customers if the go-live date is not met. The confidence we have in our platform including our world-class support team allows us to guarantee a timely and successful digital transformation.

By safeguarding against the risk of failure we hope to give companies peace of mind and help them make the switch to cutting edge media buying and selling software. ADvendio’s Salesforce powered out-of-the-box solution offers new customers to digitally transform their advertising management with comprehensive media-specific workflows and customizations to match the unique needs of their organisation.

All interested companies just need an internal technical team with an understanding of their existing work processes. ADvendio will provide a company trial in a sandbox within minutes to demonstrate functionality and efficacy. Companies who choose to move forward will have access to expert consultants to guide you through the proven process and if the anticipated rollout schedule is not met, they are eligible to pay nothing or receive a full refund of the costs incurred during implementation which can be onsite or remote.

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