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Media database and ad inventory management.

Inventory Advendio

Sell more inventory with a structured media portfolio

Using ADvendio’s ad inventory management software means that you can ensure your sales team is working with an easy-to-use media search while also drastically reducing the errors quota, as it’s easy to make outdated rates and ad specs unavailable. You can also make your products visible to certain sales employees with convenient ad inventory management tools such as ad packages or ad spec recommendations.

Ad Inventory Feature List

With ADvendio Inventory, publishers and media companies can conveniently manage their media database and ad inventory.

Price Management

ADvendio’s price configuration makes creating and updating rates easy. With rate steps, for example, ADvendio automatically identifies the valid rate step and the corresponding price, based on the pricing quantity.

Rate Cards

Assign different prices – even in different currencies – to your ad specs, assign a validity period to your prices and organize them in rate cards, for example, to display different tariffs or price changes on a selected date.

Inventory Export

Making your current ad specs and rates portfolio available on your website, in presentations or in external media databases can be a hassle. By organizing your inventory within ADvendio’s media database, you can simply export the active rate card.

Cross Media Support

The media database structure within ADvendio supports all kinds of inventory – regardless of the ad sales channel or type. Print, TV, digital, video, mobile, out-of-home inventories, and more are supported simultaneously, in a cross-media campaign.

Ad Packages

To avoid repeatedly selecting ad specs, or if you want to quote special offers, you can generate predefined packages. These packages contain several ad specs, and the price of the package is independent of the prices of the individual components.

Inventory Reporting

Benefit from extensive reporting functionalities for your ad inventory management. Analyze your inventory, identify weak and strong items, and strengthen your portfolio to increase yield.

Ad Spec Recommendations

Ad spec recommendations help to promote inventory with a validity period and inventory that complement one another for upselling.

Mass Update

To reduce time and effort spent creating or updating ad specs and rates, ADvendio provides a handy wizard which supports your product management team with useful search, group, and display options.

Ad Server Sync

To streamline order processes for digital inventory, each ad spec within ADvendio is connected to the respective ad spec in your ad server (if you are using ADvendio’s ad server integration option).

Inventory Advendio

Quickly retrieve important customer account data

Stop wasting time searching for information and data. The ADvendio search function scans all your accounts and contacts simultaneously, giving you immediate access to the data you’re looking for. Got a customer asking about their proposal, order, or invoice? Just type part of their name and immediately find the document you are looking for with our sales CRM supported by Salesforce.

Inventory Advendio
Inventory Advendio

Offer more attractive campaigns from key insights

Lift your media portfolio to a whole new level: with ADvendio storing not only your inventory database, but also your customer, campaign, revenue, and invoice information, you can easily set up reports that show you exactly how ad specs are performing. Base your price and new product decisions on statistics and offer your customers more engaging ad products.

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Rate Manager

Inventory Advendio

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Inventory Advendio

Aaron Hersh

Competitor Group

I think very highly of the ADvendio solution as it can manage all of the inventory to run an entire complex campaign ad sales business without any issues. The software is flexible enough to upgrade when we need some new custom features.

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