Self-Service Advertising Platform

Salesforce powered self-service advertising platform for managing omnichannel ad campaigns.

Self-Service Advertising Advendio

Self-Service advertising and monetization

ADvendio's self-serve technology can help you increase your advertising revenue by planning and executing more efficient campaigns. Whether you're a buyer or a seller of advertising our standalone self-service advertising platform can be used to automate ad operations, sales, and creative management for campaigns of any size.

Self-Service Solutions List

Self-serve advertising platform allows publishers, advertisers, and agencies to enhance process efficiency & campaign effectiveness.

Out-of-the-box functionality

ADvendio’s Salesforce native self-serve advertising platform lets you get started immediately with no long integration time. Simply customize the platform to meet your specific needs, upload your inventory and get started receiving automated orders.

Fully integrated real time processes

Your fully integrated self-serve ad platform allows your clients to benefit from the robust workflows, intelligent lightning flows, and automated backend processes of our AMS package. Integrations to leading ad servers and exchanges ensure that your portal meets all possible client needs.

Completely customizable & scalable

Our self-serve platform is fully customizable and white-labeled, ensuring a flexible solution that works with your existing business processes. Logos, color schemes, typography, domain names, and payment methods can all be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Custom product definition

Take advantage of the freedom to create your own inventory products and bundles. With the addition of the ADvendio AMS package, you can seamlessly sync inventory products and bundles to appear in your self-service advertising platform, saving time on redefining your offerings.

Guided process-based workflows

The platform’s simple step-by-step guided workflows are ideal for users with limited knowledge of modern advertising’s complexities to create targeted campaigns. The platform is also customizable, allowing it to meet the specific needs of media industry veterans.

Profile & permission management

Best-in-class profile and permission management powered by Salesforce Communities mean that all types of clients and users of your platform can work within predetermined parameters while still having the freedom to use the system to automate manual processes.

On-demand reporting

Offer your clients direct access to view and download reports directly from their own self-serve portal to free up time for your team. Download campaign results, proof of performance, and more thanks to real-time campaign and financial data on demand.

Control over first-party data

As publishers prepare for the post-third-party cookie era, first-party data is more important than ever. With our self-serve platform, you, as a publisher, have complete control and ownership of your first-party data.

Self-Service Advertising Advendio

Boost efficiency with smart automation

By standardizing and automating workflows, you can save time spent on manual repetitive processes and increase efficiency. This includes deal creation and execution, campaign creative upload and assignment, campaign optimization requests and execution, payment collection, invoice downloading, and more.

Self-Service Advertising Advendio
Self-Service Advertising Advendio

Get started today

Our customizable self-service advertising platform is the perfect solution to outsource internal sales operations right away. By simply paying a small setup fee our packaged solution allows you to create inventory and sell directly to customers without spending on high service charges or incurring costly technology fees.

Self-Service Advertising Advendio

Stephanie Mauerer

KURIER Digital

Most CRM systems were created focused on print and subsequently added online capacities. With ADvendio, it was clear to us from the first meeting we were talking to people who understand the digital advertising space.

Sophisticated Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Let’s talk about how ADvendio’s self-service advertising platform can enhance your media buying and selling.