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Manage the entire business process end-to-end in one application.

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A complete solution that gives publishers and media companies all they need to deliver premium ad sales for print, digital, out-of-home and tv & radio.


Publishers and media companies can get a 360° view of their customers to maximize the effectiveness of interactions and never miss an opportunity.

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Publishers and media companies have everything they need for premium ad sales by streamlining the contact-to-cash lifecycle.

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Full order management features that combine sales and ad operations to shorten the administrative processes with all the data in one place.

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Minimize time spent answering to RFPs with user-friendly inventory features to easily find the the right media or package for your customers.

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Obtain a comprehensive view of your company as a whole with detailed reports and dashboards to quickly analyze your Ad Sales performance.

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Billing and accounting included to combine the whole ad sales process in one solution with visibility of each phase from offer to sale and billing.

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ADvendio is built on Salesforce® and has integrations with some of the top Ad Servers and Exchanges on the market.

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Tina Jensen

Aller Media

It has been fantastic to see how fast the users have adapted to ADvendio and the Salesforce Platform. The sales reps have quickly understood how to create their advertisement orders in the system.

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