Built for the Retail Media Industry

An all-in-one order management system used by some of the best-known retailers globally to manage both in-store and online advertising campaigns.

Retail Industry Advendio

End-to-end OMS for retail media

A Salesforce-powered OMS that combines CRM, sales, inventory, orders, finance and reporting & analytics. With seamless integrations to your existing tech stack, and audience extension via our media buying solution you have everything you need to drive retail media growth.

  • Brick & Mortar Retail
  • Online Retail
  • Retail Marketplace

Retail Solutions List

Drive sales and increase advertising revenue with ADvendio's Salesforce powered OMS for retail.

Comprehensive inventory management

Benefit from a live view of all available, reserved, and offered ad specifications for in-store and online campaigns. Empower your teams to book orders with a single click directly from the campaign manager.

Boost sponsored listing sales

With our live booking calendar, you can avoid overbooking and guarantee that all time-based goods, such as ‘deal of the day’ listings, have up-to-date availability information.

Customer data management

Effectively personalize media and offers for customers by monetizing valuable customer purchase and loyalty data. Benefit your advertisers from live campaign optimization and targeted inventory recommendations.

Media buying for retail

Set up, execute, optimize, and report on all your buying activities from one central system. Including Smart automation and clever Lightning flows to automate important activities.

Retail Industry Advendio

Monetize first party data

ADvendio supports retailers in taking advantage of their first party data from on-site and off-site channels by providing a centralized advertising management hub. Through customizable media integration API, ADvendio can help retailers to connect the required infrastructure they need to effectively gather and monetize this data with connections to data platforms and ad tech systems.

Retail Industry Advendio
Retail Industry Advendio

Real-time reporting

All of your advertising data is housed in one system, providing you with a 360-degree view of all of your revenue streams, including reconciliation of transactional data. Helping you keep track of ad sales performance.

Retail Industry Advendio

Chris Rutten

Cartology (Woolworths Group)

After an extensive process, it became clear that ADvendio was best positioned to partner with Cartology due to their products, retail capabilities and their unique capacity and scale to manage our use-cases. We look forward to what the next few years will bring our partnership.

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