Ad Management for Agencies

Execute effective omnichannel ad campaigns and satisfy client needs of all sizes.

Agencies Advendio

Ensure advertising accountability

Guarantee satisfied clients and strong relationships without hours of manual analysis and report preparation. Seamless data integrations, intelligent analytics, and robust reporting tools ensure quick & accurate campaign results are available on-demand for agencies.

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Agencies Advendio

Self-service advertising management

Agencies can improve operational efficiency and streamline customer communications by giving them the power to create & manage their own media campaigns via your own branded self-service advertising portal. Your fully integrated self-serve platform allows your clients to benefit from the robust workflows, intelligent lightning flows, and automated processes of your ADvendio solution.

Agencies Advendio
Agencies Advendio

Streamlined programmatic advertising

Holistically manage all linear & programmatic activities in one solution. Save time and avoid manual data entry errors by booking deals directly to integrated social media channels, DSPs, and Ad Exchanges. Our data normalization & visualization partner ensures that agencies have instant access to accurate data. Allowing agencies to track KPI’s and drive client campaign optimizations with cross-channel comparison reporting.

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Accelerated media execution

Increase efficiency by automating key processes including client requests, transactional data sync, invoicing, and reconciliation. By reducing the manual efforts in your current ad management processes agencies increase scalability without the need for heavy capital investment, saving agencies time to prioritize campaign optimization and building strong client relationships.

Agencies Advendio
Agencies Advendio

Visualize all data in one location

ADvendio becomes the central hub for managing and visualizing media buying data across your previously fragmented technologies and systems. No more manual emails or Excel datasheets. Sync customer, inventory and pricing data for a fully-auditable view on your agency-wide activities.

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Agencies Advendio

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Agencies Advendio

Stephanie Mauerer

KURIER Digital

With ADvendio, it was clear to us from the first meeting we were talking to people who understand the digital advertising space.

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