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Leading ad sales management solution powered by Salesforce.

Our Story

We are a software company dedicated to streamlining the ad sales process with innovative solutions for media companies. Our customers range from large enterprise companies to small and medium-sized operations.

6 Languages

Software available in many languages including German, French and Spanish.

25+ Countries

Providing solutions for media company customers from around the world.

4 Offices

We’ve multiple offices with account managers to support your every need.

ADvendio was founded in 2004 by CEO Bernd Bube as a Salesforce consulting operation in Germany. After working closely with advertising businesses for a number of years Bernd recognized a need in the market to streamline the ad sales process. He sought to build an all-in-one cloud based software solution that would accomplish this with large enterprise companies to small and medium-sized operations in mind.

Fast forward to today and ADvendio is the leading solution built on Salesforce® for publishers and media companies with head offices in Germany, USA, Ireland and Chile providing support to customers in more than 25 countries.

Further expansion is on our ambitious roadmap and we believe our team of exceptional people will help us get there as a global advertising software provider.

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  • Founded in 2004

    Salesforce Consulting Company

Leadership Team

The ADvendio's leadership team who drive the growth of the company on a daily basis. Thought leadership, employee engagement and culture management begins with these seasoned professionals.

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Bernd Bube

Founder & CEO
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Livia Varga

Regional Manager
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Julian Ahrends

‎Managing Director
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Stefan Ropte

‎Managing Director
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Benhui Chen

Head of Development