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Execute effective cross-media campaigns in Salesforce for agencies & advertisers.

Media Buying Software Advendio

Programmatic & linear media buying software

Centralize your omnichannel data and buying activities in Salesforce. Align and manage your disconnected systems from one location with smart integrations to all your required accounting systems, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and exchanges. Full omnichannel support allows you to manage and execute linear and digital campaigns to satisfy all targets and budgets. Take campaign management to the next level with powerful reporting and data visualization tools to quickly identify optimizations.

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ADvendio's Media Buying software allows agencies and advertisers to boost efficiency and deliver effective campaigns.

Unified Channel Control

Set up, execute, optimize, and report on all your buying activities from one central system. Ensuring transparent control over your direct and programmatic buying channels.

Centralize Third-Party Data

Save time and prevent manual data entry errors with seamless integrations to leading DSPs, Exchanges and other third-party systems. ADvendio becomes the central hub for managing and visualizing transactional data across your previously fragmented technologies.

Understand your Exchange Data

ADvendio normalizes, enriches, and visualizes your transactional data from third-party sources to provide a clear overview of your buying activities from multiple integrated DSP’s. Allowing time-efficient, data-driven decision-making across all digital activities.

Powerful Analytics & Dashboards

Import your media inventory, work with a well-structured database and easily manage your prices. Create and fine-tune ad campaigns, always have their status accessible and create proposals, orders, and order confirmations with a single click.

Data-Driven Transparency

Store and manage all customer & transactional data in one secure location to ensure transparency of all costs and easily calculate return on investment.

Reduce manual efforts and drive scalability

Automate key processes including client requests, transactional data sync, invoicing, and reconciliation with smart automation and intelligent Lightning flows. In future, this will also incorporate planning functionality driven by artificial intelligence. By reducing the manual efforts in your current processes you increase scalability without the need for heavy capital investment, saving you time to prioritize campaign optimization and client relationships.

Media Buying Software Advendio
Media Buying Software Advendio

Automate your complex billing process

Dramatically reduce the time spent managing client finances by automating data collection and invoicing with ADvendio’s Lightning Flows, available form Salesforce AppExchange®. Get started instantly with advertising-specific processes as standard, while having access to full flexibility to create bespoke processes to match your needs. Execute, report, bill and reconcile digital buys seamlessly in a completely audit-ready workflow, with integrations to leading accounting systems to ensure the highest standards of financial data integrity.

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Media Buying Software Advendio

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Media Buying Software Advendio

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Media Buying Software Advendio

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KURIER Digital

Most CRM systems were created focused on print and subsequently added online capacities. With ADvendio, it was clear to us from the first meeting we were talking to people who understand the digital advertising space.

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