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Omnichannel campaign management solutions for ad sales and media buying.

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Organization and planning

ADvendio can support your unique requirements and boost the effectiveness of your pre and post-campaign operations. Whether you're a media buyer looking to plan budgets, manage RFPs, create media plans, or an ad sales specialist looking for a structured media portfolio to support inventory and price management we've got you covered.

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A single view of all advertising operations

Benefits of using ADvendio to manage your advertising campaigns.

Campaigns Advendio

Omnichannel Ready

Incorporate print, digital, out-of-home, streaming, and other media into individual deals or combined omnichannel campaigns.

First-party Data Support

Your first-party data strategy is supported by audience extension, data transparency, omnichannel inventory management, and robust reporting.

Media Buying & Selling

Whether you’re on the buy or sell side of the market, our solution can meet all of your full process advertising campaign needs in a single package.

Campaigns Advendio

Seamless Connections

Effortlessly manage your disconnected demand sources, campaigns, and analytics across all ad tech platforms from a centralized location.

Campaigns Advendio

Full process campaign management

Our comprehensive range of tools ensures you have all you need to design more efficient and effective full-process campaigns. Create smarter ads using AI-driven suggestions such as price projections and product recommendations. With drag-and-drop kanban capabilities, you can stay on top of your campaigns from conception to billing.

Campaigns Advendio
Campaigns Advendio

Powerful reporting & analytics

Your reports and dashboards always reflect the most recent information from your central database, allowing you to make faster decisions and discover trends thanks to AI-driven data analysis. Report on individual items, external systems, and combined campaigns with ease.

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Close more deals in less time with your ad sales team

Campaigns Advendio

Deliver effective omnichannel campaigns in Salesforce®

Campaigns Advendio

Chris Rutten

Cartology (Woolworths Group)

After an extensive process, it became clear that ADvendio was best positioned to partner with Cartology due to their products, retail capabilities and their unique capacity and scale to manage our use-cases. We look forward to what the next few years will bring our partnership.

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