Order Management Features

Comprehensive order management, ad operations and ad booking.

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Process orders faster with our ad booking solution

As publishers and media companies interact with many different parties, it’s crucial that they work with a flexible solution that connects with the various systems involved, thereby automating the sales, order and invoice management processes. By using ADvendio’s order management you can speed up the planning and ad booking process

Order Management Feature List

With ADvendio order management, publishers and media companies can easily streamline the order to invoice management process.

Booking Calendar

The booking calendar displays available, reserved and offered ad specs according to set filters. The booking calendar is particularly important for print and out-of-home ad inventory, as well as digital exclusive placements.

Commercial Optimizer

Ad operations teams can use the commercial optimizer to freely adjust running media campaigns. Changes to invoices are processed automatically by the ADvendio system.

Availability Forecast

ADvendio can automatically request availabilities from connected ad servers with one click – depending on the capabilities of different ad servers, most targeting criteria are taken into account as well.

Creative Upload

Upload creatives directly in ADvendio and submit them to your ad server together with your media campaign. Process your complete ad management in ADvendio without switching between systems.

Ad Booking

Book your orders on your ad server with a single click from the edited media campaign inside ADvendio as soon as the order is confirmed – including all entered values and targeting criteria.

Delivery Data

Receive regular reports from your ad server containing information on campaign performance such as delivered ad impressions/clicks, sent directly to your ADvendio media campaign.

Delivery & Account Transfer

The SSP Integration with Google Ad Manager Ad Exchange and Yieldlab leads to more transparency of your programmatic processes.

Direct Deals

Automate selling of ad inventory by coordinating programmatic direct deals from your central ad sales hub. Keep track of all your ad sales channels in one system.

Orders Advendio

Connect your system with ad servers and exchanges

Ad server and ad exchange integration is key to fluid data flows within digital ad sales management. You will still use ad server and exchanges, but daily work will be facilitated through the seamless exchange of information between one system and another. Within ADvendio you can access forecast availabilities or initiate deals with the click of a button. ADvendio also supports a range of ad server features including targeting, availability forecasts, submitting IOs, delivery data and much more.

Orders Advendio
Orders Advendio

Optimize campaigns with smart order automation

ADvendio’s order management solution also includes an optimization engine: the commercial optimizer. It allows ad operations and finance teams to conveniently update running campaigns (with or without impact on the price). Campaigns can be modified within ADvendio, and simultaneously on the ad server, with the click of a button. The related invoice is adjusted automatically.

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Orders Advendio

One Lean Management Process

Orders Advendio

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Orders Advendio

Remo Baumeler

NZZ Mediengruppe

At the beginning of implementation, there was still around 10-20 percent of the process operated using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets. Today it is more like three percent.

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