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Respond faster to agency and advertiser requests

With ADvendio’s ad sales software, you and your advertising sales team can respond faster to individual customer RFPs while maintaining or improving the quality of the response. Deliver proposals to your clients that perfectly meet their needs, and flexibly react to changes. Handle more requests with ease while working more efficiently thanks to smart ad sales features.

Ad Sales Solutions List

ADvendio ad sales software features allow publishers and advertisers to optimize productivity and drive ad revenue.

Direct & Programmatic Sales

Strengthen the collaboration between direct and programmatic ad sales teams. Easily create and sell campaigns with offers by linking both channels to maximize ad revenue.

Proposals & Orders

Create proposals and insertion orders with ADvendio ad sales software. Ad sales teams using the powerful media campaign engine can handle and process RFPs for direct and programmatic campaigns faster.

Discounts & Surcharges

Apply discounts and surcharges to your media campaigns and use the net calculator. Easily adjust quantities and discounts for every inventory item and automatically transfer amounts to your media campaign records.

Campaign Configuration

Import your media inventory, work with a well-structured database and easily manage your prices. Create and fine-tune ad campaigns, always have their status accessible and create proposals, orders, and order confirmations with a single click.

Availability Requests

When planning a media campaign, you will want to see if the desired digital inventory is available. Within ADvendio you can request this information directly from the ad server, view available quantities, smoothly adjust your media campaigns, and consult with your client.

Customizable Process

Simplify the work for your whole ad sales team and prevent mistakes by setting up a sales process that meets the needs of your business. By defining the steps of the sales process and using approvals, you’ll achieve a streamlined and efficient ad sales process.

Commercial Optimizer

Suggest alternative options with or without impact on the media campaign revenue and update them without hassle. Advendio’s automation means that invoices, credit notes and ad server IOs are seamlessly updated as well.

Booking Calendar

Immediately check availability for digital exclusive placements, print or out-of-home ad inventory in the ad sales phase. Increase customer satisfaction with real-time advertising purchase options.

Media Search

Ensuring that your ad sales team finds the right media with the current pricing is essential for an efficient sales process. You will benefit from an organized inventory with the media search, which lets you scan the internal inventory database quickly and easily according to pre-set filters.

Revenue Schedules

Using revenue schedules you can view your sales forecast by day or month, align your goals, and keep your team informed.


Readily create minutes of your events: enter everything you’ve talked about, the meeting’s objectives, and next steps. Quickly select recipients and send the visit report by email from within ADvendio.


Streamline your ad sales process & drive scalability by empowering clients to self-serve. Clients can create and submit deals, execute campaign optimizations, and pay instantly from your own branded self-service advertising platform.

Sales Advendio

Satisfy your customer’s needs

Handling client requests faster gives you the time to work with more customers simultaneously, while also increasing the quality of your interactions. With ADvendio advertising sales features, you can meet your clients’ needs precisely and also show them what else you have in store that complements their campaigns. With increased quality and better customer service, you guarantee increased satisfaction with every deal.

Sales Advendio
Sales Advendio

Tools to design your own ad sales process

ADvendio allows you to design your own ad sales processes, customized to fit your needs. Avoid mistakes that would cost your team time and money by working with the right items in the optimum quantities, minimizing the involvement of different departments, and assigning tasks and responsibilities correctly to your team members.

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Most CRM systems were created focused on print and subsequently added online capacities. With ADvendio, it was clear to us from the first meeting we were talking to people who understand the digital advertising space.

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