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Salesforce powered software for media buying and selling.

Some of the best-known companies that buy and sell advertising use our software to streamline their entire ad management process.

ADvendio ONE

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Get a fixed price for your modern buying and selling needs today.

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What’s included:

Salesforce powered CRM

ADvendio is a 100% Salesforce native solution offering advertising-specific enhancements to sell & buy media.

Detailed campaign optimization

Monitor and adjust live campaigns across all channels to ensure best-in-class performance

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Full omnichannel support

Work with and combine all of the media channels you need, such as print, digital, out-of-home, and streaming media.

Campaign status management

Stay on top of your campaigns from conception to billing with drag and drop kanban capabilities.

Sophisticated inventory management

Import your inventory, create and manage prices and work with a structured media database.

Advanced analytics for actionable insights

Make decisions and identify trends faster with AI-driven analysis of your data.

Intelligent campaigns with creative control

Build smart campaigns with AI suggestions. Upload creatives into Salesforce® or use external storage options (fees apply).

First-party data monetization

Supported by omnichannel inventory management, audience extension, data transparency, and robust reporting & analytics.

What’s included:

Works with your accounting system

Conveniently connect accounting systems you currently use such as SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Sage and Xero.

Contract lifecycle management

Manage audits, reporting, renewals, commitments, optimizations, and approval procedures with eSignature capabilities.

Optimize key billing processes

Streamline your booking to billing operations with automation and lightning wizards for effortless bulk processing.

Ensure financial compliance

ADvendio offers fully compliant financial processes such as IFRS, Soc 2, ISO27001.

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Settlements & 3rd party commissions

Ensure seamless and precise calculation of revenue share or payout per unit to individual content owners.

Multinational control support

Configure multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-language controls with country-specific rules.

Automated accounting rules

Set up rules for managing data, including a comparison of actual vs billed revenue, and dividing third-party revenue shares.

Generate custom financial reports

Get a complete picture of your financial performance with everything you need in one place.

What’s included:

Plans Advendio

Plug and play connections

Xandr, Google Ad Manager, DV360, and FreeWheel are just a few of the ad tech platforms you can connect.

Create custom connections

Conveniently import crucial data and drive performance with the flexible media integration API.

Plans Advendio

Social media platform ready

Sync deals from leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Optimize campaign performance

Access real-time data on live campaigns to facilitate timely campaign adjustments.

Incorporate flatplanning tools

Utilize your existing flatplanning workflows with seamless connections.

Third-party and proprietary audiences

Create and combine key data sets between ADvendio and external tech platforms.

Direct campaign booking

Create, buy, and sell targeted campaigns to connected platforms from within ADvendio.

Compare cross-channel performance

Monitor your omnichannel performance with on-demand data and comparative data charts.

What’s included:

ADvendio self-service technology

Our customizable self-service advertising platform is the perfect solution to outsource internal operations.

Third-party AppExchange apps

We natively support apps from project management, sales taxation, and e-signatures to marketing campaign management.

Salesforce Customer 360 apps

Embed Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, and other products straight into ADvendio.

Salesforce productivity tools

Take advantage of cutting-edge Salesforce data visualization and chat technologies like Tableau and Slack to further boost productivity.


Programmatic PLUS

Full stack programmatic advertising and monetization at scale.

Combine direct & programmatic deals

Consolidating your key advertising channels in one system makes optimizing quick and easy.

Standardize data across platforms

Import, normalize, enrich, and visualize transactional data from third-party sources to provide a 360° view of revenue.

Visualize programmatic analytics

Easily analyze direct vs non-programmatic activities and ad exchange performance for line items and campaigns.

Effortless reconciliation

Increase reconciliation accuracy by linking a single invoice to several insertion orders and proposals for each associated campaign.

Our Customers

Our leading software is used by some of the best-known agencies, advertisers, and publishers globally.

Plans Advendio
Plans Advendio
Plans Advendio

Trusted Support

World class support and service teams from ADvendio are with you every step of the way. Our commitment to always deliver on time for any implementation to rapid response assistance ensures that our SME and large enterprise customers are successful with our software.

Remote & On-site Implementation
Dedicated Support Team
Help Docs & Training

World class support and service teams from ADvendio are with you every step of the way. Our commitment to always deliver on time for any implementation to rapid response assistance ensures that our SME and large enterprise customers are successful with our software.


Frequently asked questions about ADvendio ONE and the Programmatic PLUS add-on.

How much does ADvendio ONE cost?

To guarantee transparency and cost certainty for ADvendio ONE, customers are charged a fixed price per user per month. The solution is also designed to meet the needs of enterprise-sized companies with custom development options available to satisfy very specific demands.

Do you offer any discounts?

Discounts are available based on the required quantity of licences and contract run-time. For more information get in touch with us today by using our contact form.

What’s included in the Programmatic PLUS add-on?

Our programmatic PLUS add-on includes multiple pre-built connectors for programmatic ad exchanges and includes enhanced analytics for programmatic advertising and monetization at scale. Additional licenses are required for this plan.

Do you offer implementation assistance?

Yes, ADvendio can provide all the necessary support for your implementation, including options for remote implementations.

Is support & training available?

Yes, we have a range of options for support & training which can be included in your package.

What if I already use Salesforce CRM?

Customers who already use Salesforce CRM can have ADvendio integrated into their Salesforce environment. Greenfield deployments are also available for customers who want to start from scratch.

Do I need to buy and sell media to use ADvendio?

No, ADvendio supports media buying and selling on the same platform, but these processes and functions can be used independently if you are only interested in one side of the market.