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An omnichannel advertising solution gives all kinds of internet publishers the tools needed to manage ad operations and increase revenue.

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Centralized ad management

With our out-of-the-box solution, ADvendio allows you to digitally transform ad sales and media buying processes. Our Salesforce-native solution is built specifically for internet publishers to manage your key advertising efforts across digital, TV, radio, OOH, and streaming media in one system for increased efficiency across all channels.

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Boost your advertising revenue with ADvendio's Salesforce powered OMS for online media advertising.

Organized inventory management

Real-time overview of available, reserved and offered advertisements. Allowing you to confidently book orders with a single click directly from the campaign manager.

Centralized campaign management

Keep all your required campaign data in one location including, run times, contracts, client & agency details, inventory and reporting in one all inclusive workflow.

Boost sponsored listing sales

Avoid overbooking and ensure that any time-based products, such as ‘deal of the day’ listings, have up-to-date availability information by using our live booking calendar.

Direct booking to ad servers

Simply access forecast availabilities, build programmatic campaigns, and execute deals for top ad servers and exchanges such as GAM, AdsWizz, Freewheel, plus key social media channels.

Internet Industry Advendio

Self-service advertising for internet publishers

Our Salesforce native self-serve ad platform enables you to deliver campaign management features to your brands from outside of your ADvendio instance. Improve sales efficiency and lower overall expenses by allowing them to build and book campaigns quickly and simply.

Internet Industry Advendio
Internet Industry Advendio

Monetize first party data

In today's advertising market, first-party data is becoming increasingly important. ADvendio enables you to integrate external Data Management Platforms in a simple and effective manner for efficient 1st party data management and monetization.

Internet Industry Advendio

Matt Rowley

Pedestrian Group

Having an order and pipe management tool in the form of ADvendio has been transformative in our business. You could also potentially save on headcount by investing in ADvendio for guaranteed efficiencies in your workflow.

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