Platform for Omnichannel Advertising Management

Leverage the capabilities of omnichannel advertising to deliver highly-relevant advertising experiences across channels at scale.

Omnichannel Advendio

Ready-to-use solution

Our Salesforce powered platform for omnichannel advertising management combines all of the essential components of ad campaign management while also incorporating solutions such as workflow automation, integrated reporting, and other AI-powered capabilities to increase internal and external collaboration and partnership.

Enhanced campaign execution

Advanced omnichannel campaign execution capabilities give you access to key information for smart decision making.


Combine online campaigns with conventional print media such as magazines and newspapers.

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Meet all of your digital advertising campaign requirements, including display, native, and video.

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Take care of all your streaming media needs across podcasting, internet radio, and other areas.

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Compliment your online approach with the most effective OOH and DOOH advertising.

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Omnichannel Advendio

Consolidated data

Consolidate, aggregate and store data in a centralized hub to create a single source of truth for all business data. Easily centralize your existing data, set up audiences across all channels, and create highly relevant advertising at scale without juggling multiple systems.

Omnichannel Advendio
Omnichannel Advendio

Multi-dimensional reporting

Our plug-and-play connectors include leading ad tech platforms, social media, accounting and ERP platforms, allowing you to collect and report on data from all of your disparate sources with ease. Interactive dashboards give you the freedom you need to create dynamic reports on your company's key metrics.

Omnichannel Advendio

Chris Rutten

Cartology (Woolworths Group)

After an extensive process, it became clear that ADvendio was best positioned to partner with Cartology due to their products, retail capabilities and their unique capacity and scale to manage our use-cases. We look forward to what the next few years will bring our partnership.

Trusted global solution

Let’s discuss how ADvendio’s all-in-one software can significantly streamline your omnichannel ad management.