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A contemporary advertising solution to help all types of media companies to streamline their sales process from order to payment.

Media Industry Advendio

Omnichannel advertising management

A comprehensive advertising management platform that combines CRM, sales & media buying, inventory, orders, finance, reporting & analytics, and integrations with key ad tech platforms. Manage your core advertising activities across digital, print, OOH, and streaming media for greater efficiency across all channels.

  • Media Production
  • Broadcast Media
  • Digital Media
  • Print Media

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Boost your advertising revenue with ADvendio's Salesforce powered OMS for media advertising.

Media buying

Set up, execute, optimize, and report on all of your buying activities from a single platform. Engage in audience extension to increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Live inventory availability

With our live booking calendar, you can avoid overbooking and guarantee that all time-based goods have up-to-date availability information.

Self-service advertising

Our Salesforce native self-serve ad platform provides end-to-end campaign management for all associated teams with enhanced process efficiency to maximize the return on investment.

Direct booking to ad servers

Access forecast availability, design programmatic campaigns and start agreements for top ad servers and exchanges including Google DV 360 and leading social media channels.

Media Industry Advendio

Real-time inventory management

With a real-time view of available, reserved, and offered ad specs, you can better manage your inventory. Provide your salespeople with simple access to precise pricing on demand by using rate cards, dynamic pricing rules, and yield management tools.

Media Industry Advendio
Media Industry Advendio

End-to-end reporting

All of your advertising data is held in one system, giving you a 360-degree view of all of your revenue sources, including transactional data reconciliation. Helping you to track & compare the success of omnichannel advertising efforts across all departments.

Media Industry Advendio

Tina Jensen

Aller Media

As a project manager, it has been fantastic to see how fast the users have adapted to ADvendio and the Salesforce Platform. The sales reps have quickly understood how to create their advertisement orders in the system.

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