Louis Rice joins the ADvendio global sales operations team as a Business Development Representative where he will be working closely with our global sales team.

Having experience running a digital marketing agency specializing in advertising, print, websites, and branding, Louis is looking forward to expanding his knowledge in the advertising space and bringing in results for the company.

Recently we caught up with Louis to learn more about his professional background and his expectations for his new role with ADvendio.

1. Tell us about your background

In my previous position, I ran a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in websites, advertising, print work, and branding. I managed the entire customer lifecycle from the initial conversations and meetings to quoting, then cross-selling and upselling our variety of services. My targets were to generate new business, onboard our clients, and capture their detailed business requirements.

At the start of covid, the business was acquired by a larger MSP with the aim of cross-selling these services with their existing client base. This allowed me to progress within the group, and I took on the added responsibility of becoming their Marketing Manager alongside running the digital agency.

Living on the south coast of the UK, I’ve grown up with boats and when summer hits, I love being on the water and going water skiing, wakeboarding, and other fun boat trips. I have a RYA Powerboat Level 2 certification which I must say was the most fun qualification I’ve ever completed. This means I can helm boats across Europe which is very fun to do on holidays!

I also enjoy traveling and recently had a trip to Iceland where I was able to tick off a bucket list task by climbing a glacier. Hopefully, skydiving will be next!

2. What’s your job title and the regions you’re focused on?

I am a Business Development Representative, supporting all Account Executives with outbound lead generation but predominantly working with EMEA.

3. Why are you interested in sales development?

I have always been working in sales, but it has never been at the forefront of my title which is what this position brings. What really interests me is being able to build upon my knowledge in the industry which in turn, will help me perform better and bring in results. I’m very competitive, so I thrive off sales and improving my experience. I’m a big ‘people person’ so I’m very excited to have a full-time sales position as it allows me to do what I love, day in, day out.

4. How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

From running a full agency, I’d say I have a very well-rounded business brain by being the sole point of contact for all new and existing businesses. My strengths really lie in my resilience, communication skills, and working with clients. I’m fast to understand their pain points, provide them with an array of solutions and explain the benefits of moving forward with such solutions. With the experience I bring, ADvendio for me is the ‘sweet spot’ which aligns perfectly with my background, and I’m thrilled to be joining the team.

5. What expectations do you have for this new role in ADvendio?

I have always wanted to be part of a company that I can grow with. By being a founding BDR, I can really put my mark on this position. My aim is to learn and develop my skill set and play a key part in the sales process.

It was great to talk with Louis about his experience up to date and to find out more about his experiences running a digital marketing agency. Louis is motivated to contribute to ADvendio by helping account executives onboard new customers globally and expanding his understanding of the advertising industry. We are looking forward to seeing Louis grow into his role in the coming months.