Consumer demands for curated ads from trusted brands is prompting retailers to tap retail media opportunities and open up new revenue streams from monetising their first party audiences, according to the latest research from ADvendio, the leading omnichannel advertising solution provider.

Article Highlights

  • Original research of over 1,000 UK shoppers by ADvendio showed the impact of customer engagement via traditional advertising was diminishing, with UK shoppers saying they ignore over half (56%) of digital advertising they see, while 54% of search ads also go unnoticed by UK consumers.
  • 68% of shoppers say they often received ads from retailers and brands that are unpersonalised or irrelevant.
  • 74% report they regularly receive ads for products they aren’t interested in.
  • 68% also said they frequently get served content digitally that’s not relevant to them.
  • 50% of those polled said they would like to receive highly curated, personalised advertisements and brand communications from the retailers they already shop with, rising to 65% of Gen Z and 62% of Millennials.
  • 38% saying they would be most likely to buy from a product recommendation they received from a retailer they already regularly shopped with.

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