In today’s media industry, many publishers work with other publishers in order to benefit from a high-quality broad portfolio and existing advertising network that is difficult to build alone. In addition, publishers work with marketers to reduce their own sales efforts and costs, strengthen their sales channel, and increase revenue.

Nevertheless, these co-operations often lead to a complex network of contracts with terms and payout issues resulting in time-consuming tasks for the publishers who are expanding their range of services by purchasing additional content and placements. To overcome these problems ADvendio has introduced the Publisher Payout feature.

Complex Publisher Contracts: The Cause for Error-prone Processes

Dealing with many publishers means additional contracts and ad inventory, along with a complex system of payment terms. This often leads to a blurred and overwhelming network of documents and excel sheets which can be easy to lose track of.

It becomes particularly difficult when marketers are preparing media campaigns that contain ad inventory from many publishers with various payment conditions. All this information for individual publishers must be pulled from the media campaign and assigned to the contract which can be both a time consuming and error-prone effort.

To calculate the payout amounts manually many complex steps are necessary. The sold inventory needs to be combined and compared with the actual delivery numbers from the ad server and a large number of payment conditions for various publishers. This makes the process extremely slow and error-prone. Additionally, it can occur that parts of the inventory are sold too cheaply and as the publisher contracts are not in the same system as the sales control and order processing, this results in incorrect payouts, discrepancies and additionally prolonged and time-consuming efforts.

ADvendio’s Publisher Provides Transparent Contracts & Immediate Payout Process

To solve media marketers problem dealing with multiple publishers and their advertising spaces, ADvendio offers the publisher payout. This feature enables transparent and optimized contract management as well as billing process by using clear contract conditions, automated processes and integrating all information in one system, ultimately significantly simplifying and streamlining the publisher payout process.

With ADvendio’s publisher payout contracts can be created easily as conditions determine which relevant campaign items can be flexibly combined. Hence, you can define precisely when and how much you need to pay third-party publishers for which sold inventory.

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In case that you are required to pay two different parties, for example, the publisher and the content owner for one sold campaign item ADvendio offers the content syndication feature which enables you to set up within one workflow contract for both parties with the right payout percentage or fixed unit prices. Redundant data is eliminated and all information is available in one place, allowing effortless payout. With the option to use the share of a predetermined percentage you can precisely define how much each party will receive.

If you are using ad servers to display your digital ad inventory across different pages, or even use run of network products, it is getting almost impossible to manually analyze on which pages which ad or content from which publisher was shown.
With ADvendio’s publisher payout, all information is pulled together and centralized automatically and based upon the quantities of the delivered inventory the share of a publisher is determined. No manual effort is required.

Automated Invoicing for a Streamlined Billing Process

To simplify the payout of the third-party publishers, ADvendio launched the new publisher payout contracts wizard. Using this feature you can easily filter for all relevant contracts and let the wizard collect all relevant invoice items based upon delivery numbers and sold inventory for several contracts at once. The contract wizard also enables the automatic generation of corresponding credit notes directly after the collection process with just the click of a button. Within a few clicks, you have all the information you need to pay the publisher the correct amount and send the relevant credit note.