We constantly enhance our product in order to provide the best possible experience for our users. Therefore, each month our team releases new features and improvements for our customers, as we continue to expand our ad sales management software for ad operations professionals in publishing, streaming and online advertising.

This spring release highlights our diverse and exciting new features; a number of our product enhancements with a particular focus on our ad server gateways with AppNexus, FreeWheel and Google Ad Manager, new integrations and improved media configuration.

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Our key enhancements overview:

AppNexus Enhancements

With our latest improvement, you can now easily configure your budget settings in ADvendio and push them to the ad server. This also allows you to set a daily budget for campaign items to offer highly adjustable and transparent media campaigns.

With even more functionality to transfer data between ADvendio and AppNexus, we have made it possible to import enhanced delivery data split by keys and values, the essential foundation for content syndication.
This improvement enables you to link publisher payout conditions to individual ad server IDs allowing you to use flexible share options.

Advanced Targeting for FreeWheel, AppNexus and Google Ad Manager

We have improved the targeting options and the flexibility of your key values and audience segments for both FreeWheel and AppNexus. Interchangeable AND & OR operators now simplify and speed up the entry of criteria resulting in a huge range of targeting combinations, making it possible to reach a highly specific audience and to facilitate your ad sales management.

Choosing the right targeting criteria for your advertising inventory can be very complex since a certain combination of criteria should be included and other specific criteria must be excluded. To simplify this process, we have expanded our selection tree. Now criteria can be excluded directly in ADvendio and then forwarded to the ad server. Your selection will also be automatically displayed in your bid and invoice PDFs.

Up-to-date Ad Server Gateway APIs

Customers benefit from the guarantee that ADvendio will always be on the latest ad server API version. The delivery of the up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator update your system to the latest ADvendio version.

ADvendio is now using these versions:

  •  6.28. for FreeWheel
  • v201811 for the Google Ad Manager (DFP)

Due to changes in the API of the Smart ad server, site-based delivery data for your reporting is available once again.

Improved Proposal Management for the Google Ad Manager

The proposal creation for programmatic guaranteed proposals in the Google Ad Manager has become even easier. You can now import the proposal buyer accounts from your ad server and add programmatic buyers directly into the media campaign, making proposal creation more precise and consistent.

Additionally, ADvendio now also supports custom fields for proposals and proposal line items.

Optimized Selection of Advertised Brands and Products

This advancement will save time when selecting advertised brands or products for items. The ability to pick them directly in the media configuration ensures the exclusivity of brands, the compliance of rights and simplifies the data reporting. With this easy selection of advertised brands and products, ADvendio minimizes errors such as showing competing ads after one another or at inappropriate times.

New Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard

With the new publisher payout contracts wizard, ADvendio strengthens the partnership with publishers and makes it easy to handle multiple publisher payout contracts at once, making it possible to collect and connect relevant invoice items from different media campaigns to your publisher payout contracts. With this data collected, you can create respective credit notes – again for multiple contracts at once. This makes the publisher payout time-efficient and transparent for all participating.

Enhanced Video Ad Sales Management

To support publishers selling their video ad inventory through Google Ad Manager, ADvendio enables the use of increased video positions in one video. Not only can you now use standard placements like pre-roll or mid-roll, but also “pods” that include multiple single positions for a more precise advertising environment. Furthermore, it is now possible to target various positions simultaneously for one item for an optimized outreach.

Accounting Interface New Beta Version

This release strengthens the ADvendio accounting interface by providing a new and IFRS compliant beta version. This allows ADvendio to be used more efficiently as a link between orders and billing.

Precise Sales Goals Management

In order to calculate sales representatives bonuses accurately and fairly, ADvendio allows you to exclude single items from being counted towards site or sales goals. Thus, production cost and similar products which don’t qualify towards their goals can be excluded by using the checkbox “Exclude from Campaign Item Revenue Split” in the media configuration.

New ADvendio Lightning Flows

As one of the first Salesforce ISV partners, ADvendio has seized the opportunity of the newly established Salesforce Lightning Flow Store and has created it’s own customized “ADvendio Lightning Flows” in order to accelerate your ad sales management.
View our Split Billing listing on Salesforce AppExchange and experience the additional features!

Check out the latest release notes at the ADvendio Knowledge Base to stay up-to-date. You can find more information by requesting a demo with one of our sales reps or checking us out on the AppExchange®.