With the power of low-code, drag-and-drop capabilities for customer engagement Lightning flows deliver an innovative way to realize the benefits of process automation. ADvendio is leveraging Salesforce’s new functionality to develop Lightning Flows, and are one of the first Salesforce ISV partners to incorporate this into their solution. Split Billing, which simplifies and guides the invoicing process of media campaigns which have more than one debtor, is the first of many ADvendio flows which are available on AppExchange® for Flow Solutions.

Current Challenges in Media Campaign Billing

The billing of media campaigns is simple as long as you only have a single debtor. But problems can occur and the complexity increases as soon as two or more debtors pay different percentages of the amount invoiced. This often requires the manual creation of more than one media campaign, resulting in the manual calculation of new sales prices according to the percentages and undertaking repetitive tasks which often leads to campaign errors and a lost overview.

Automate the Process with ADvendio’s Lightning Flow “Split Billing”

With the Lightning Flow “Split Billing”, ADvendio created the opportunity to effortlessly split invoices from media campaigns between two or more accounts, without manually creating a new media campaign. After installing the extension package, users can utilize the action “split billing” for each campaign item to select a second account as a debtor and to set the percentage of the sales price the new payer will settle.

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The flow is a guided process leading the user through the individual steps reducing manual actions and errors. The split billing feature automatically creates a new media campaign which will contain a clone of the original campaign item with the sales price calculated according to the entered percentage, thus no manual adjustment is required.

Additionally, the sales price of the original campaign item will be automatically re-calculated so that both new sales prices equal to the original sales price. Thus, each campaign contains the correct values and can be used for invoicing, providing one concise and transparent flow.

As ADvendio are aware that demands for processes can differ it is possible to adjust ADvendio Lightning Flows to your needs. Download ADvendio’s Lightning Flows now for simplified and automated processes. Keep an eye for further Lightning Flows in order to extend and enrich your ADvendio experience.