Publishers are struggling to control the different price rules behind their entire ad inventory. That is why ADvendio has introduced the dynamic pricing feature. It helps ad operations and finance professionals conveniently manage and configure rules for surcharges and discounts in one system.

Setting Up Price Rules for Ad Sales

Publishers are constantly looking to increase their ad revenue strategies with surcharges for advanced targeting options. For instance, frequency capping or behavioral targeting options.

There are often complaints regarding how inflexible it is for order management systems to follow up with frequency capping, targeting options and seasonal indexes in media ad campaigns.

Maximize Your Ad Revenue with ADvendio's Dynamic Pricing Advendio

On the other hand, legacy order management systems don’t add surcharges or discounts automatically. Therefore, IT managers are forced to manually add additional code for further line items and take the time to subsequently update it or sales have to calculate this manually.

All-in-One Dynamic Pricing

Integrating dynamic pricing to your order management system can streamline pricing, quoting and billing efforts leading ad operations in the right process.

Dynamic pricing can help match all of these criteria throughout the entire order management process, reducing the time-to-quote ratio.

Publishers and agencies can improve the way they manage price rules. A typical use case for these rules is seasonal indexes. If a publisher needs to charge more or less per item in a given time frame, they can set the appropriate rules and apply discounts and surcharges easily.

On the other hand, publishers can restrict matching as much as possible in order to avoid applying price rules to the “wrong” campaign item such as:

  • Business type
  • Ad price
  • Media type
  • Media segments
  • Price differentiation

That way, ad operations and all parties in the publishing-advertiser-agency relationship can follow up with flexible pricing options throughout the entire sales and billing cycle of media campaigns.

Maximize Your Ad Revenue with ADvendio's Dynamic Pricing Advendio