Like many other industries, radio and TV broadcasting faces increasing competition from new media platforms and rapidly changing consumer expectations. To stay competitive many broadcasters are experimenting with reviewing their production processes and evaluating new digital solutions. Consumers have moved away from traditional Radio and TV norms, replacing them with digital alternatives. Video on Demand (VoD) Podcasts, Digital Radio, Audiobooks, and other emerging audio & video streaming possibilities are quickly becoming the new norm, which has been fast-tracked by the impact of COVID-19.

To save the cost of complete digital transformation and keep your core systems in place at the same time you can use ADvendio to bridge the gap between your linear and digital advertising processes. Your existing connected systems are still used to execute advertising campaigns i.e. legacy broadcasting and print solutions. ADvendio can then be used out-of-the-box to automate your manual, labor-intensive processes such as data management, planning, and invoicing. Saving you the cost, time, and hassle of an entire digital transformation. While also preparing you in the best possible way to connect to your growing digital audience.

Below we take a look at some of the key benefits of digitizing your broadcasting ad sales processes with ADvendio’s out-of-the-box, advertising-specific solution for streamlined digital transformation.

Reduce System Complexity

Over time, process architecture can easily become more complex and costly than it needs to be for large enterprises. The introduction of new systems and solutions intended to modernize and simplify activities can also bring challenges and workarounds to align these new workflows and solutions to your current way of working.

By using a solution such as ADvendio to modernize your toolset, reduce manual efforts, and seamlessly integrate with your critical business solutions such as accounting and legacy broadcasting systems, or customer data platform (CDP) you can effectively reduce the complexity of your entire ad sales processes. Saving your accounting & broadcasting systems for the core tasks they were intended for while managing the data generated in these external systems in one location. This means you can rely on having an accurate overview of your advertising sales activities from order to invoicing without huge amounts of manual analysis. Data can be easily pushed to existing broadcasting systems for planning & executing campaigns & synced back for invoicing purposes through automated integrations.

Speed Up Decision Making

If your process incorporates using several fragmented systems much of your time can be spent on repetitive manual data entry and extraction. This majorly affects the speed at which business decisions can be made for large enterprises which can lead to a reactionary approach to problems, rather than a proactive one.

Slow decision-making can be tackled by creating a single source of truth and integrating your core data sources including ad servers, accounting systems, and broadcast systems to a central solution such as ADvendio. This makes gathering actionable intelligence more automated by using intelligent reports and dashboards, that are populated with data automatically pulled from these external sources. This means that from one central location you can analyze and identify trends across your entire business incorporating all channels without the need for hours or days of manual data extraction and analysis.

Get The Best Value From Your inventory

In the highly competitive TV and radio markets ensuring you get the best value from your inventory is key. Many factors affect the revenue return on advertising inventory but how quickly or effectively you can sell to your customers shouldn’t be where you lose out.

Return greater value from your sold inventory quickly and effectively by reducing the operational cost of placing inventory and increasing the efficiency of your overall process. This allows sales reps to create more deals daily and still have time to prioritize building stronger customer relations. ADvendio’s enterprise-level solution helps by drastically increasing the organization and accessibility of your inventory products. By offering seamless integrations with automated data flows, ADvendio greatly reduces the time you spend placing inventory to ad servers and exchanges. With live availability updates based on sold inventory, your sales reps remove the risk of overbookings. The ability to set dynamic pricing rules can also guarantee you get the best possible price for your inventory by defining rules, for example, premium pricing for peak seasons such as over the Christmas period.

Bridge The Gap Between Digital & Linear

The biggest challenge for large radio and TV broadcasters in effectively serving advertisers in the digital space is holistically managing both linear and digital activities effectively. Without undertaking a ground-up digital transformation these channels are often managed in silos which makes it very difficult to get a comparable overview of both channels but also makes it difficult to reap the benefits in terms of boosting efficiency.

ADvendio can help to bridge the gap between disparate systems required for Digital & Linear advertising sales by bringing digital processes to non-digital channels. Automated workflows can be used to update availability information for sold products in real-time, and immediately notify ad operations teams of placed deals and even generate and distribute invoices post-campaign. This digital architecture for linear products allows greater speed and accuracy in managing inventory as well as offering you the capability to bundle linear and digital inventory into one campaign for seamless cross-media campaigns.

ADvendio for The Digital Transformation of Radio and TV

In today’s market landscape digital transformation is quickly becoming the only suitable option to ensure competitiveness with emerging market newcomers and shifting consumer demands. With ADvendio’s enterprise-level software you get a comprehensive product and price management solution that meets the needs of fast-paced digital broadcasters, while also increasing the efficiency of your current linear solutions. This helps you to achieve the benefits of digital transformation without the enormous investment of time and resources needed to build out a completely new solution.

ADvendio is perfect for streamlining your data management, media planning, and invoicing as well as offering comprehensive analytics and reporting. ADvendio becomes the bridge between your non-digital systems and their digital future. For more information on how ADvendio can help your business feel free to arrange a Demo or Contact Us to get answers to all of your specific questions.