At the end of every month publishers, advertisers and agencies must generate reports for all campaigns, products, channels and clients to ensure timely payment of outstanding fees for work completed, to guarantee accurate accounting records come the end of the financial year. This means ensuring the accuracy of your regular invoicing runs throughout the year is crucial. Without the correct processes and systems in place, this can be a painstaking task for many finance and accounting teams because of the manual effort required to align information from multiple excel spreadsheets for each individual campaign, channel and client.

Streamlined Invoicing Accuracy

ADvendio’s Invoice Wizard makes accurate and timely invoicing simple by automating manual processes associated with invoicing runs. Smart tools including historical search ensure that all invoices are readily available at a glance and you can easily find the invoices you require on-demand. The Invoice Wizard is perfect for companies of all sizes including large enterprises thanks to the use of the Salesforce datatable which makes use of useful features such as dynamic loading, resizing & sorting of data with ease.

The invoice wizard is one of many powerful features included in the ADvendio Finance plan. With this plan publishers, advertisers and agencies can get a full overview of their financials including seamless integrations to ERP & accounting systems to guarantee data accuracy while ensuring all financial processes are fully compliant.

Lightning Fast Invoicing Runs

From ADvendio version 2.125, the invoicing wizard is now accessible through a Lightning Flow. This is a lot more than just a facelift, as well as being sleeker and user friendly, the Invoice Wizard is now usable in flows to streamline many of the tedious tasks involved with campaign, channel, or client billing. For customers, this means an even greater degree of flexibility in managing your invoice process in the most effective way for your business, regardless of your highly specific needs.

Execute Lightning-fast Invoicing Runs with ADvendio’s Enhanced Invoice Wizard Advendio

With our latest update, it is possible to quickly and easily set up Flows that incorporate your Invoice Wizard to best suit your needs. This can be in the form of a screen flow or automated flow. For example in the image above we provide an example of the Invoice Wizard available conveniently from your customer account record section of ADvendio to streamline your processes from campaign to invoicing. This means that for customers who would normally have to navigate to the Invoice Wizard tab to action invoicing runs or manage invoices their daily process is much more streamlined. While also maintaining one central location for all your customer-related activities to ensure any queries can be dealt with immediately.