In the world of modern advertising management, innovation is the key to success. From header bidding and programmatic to self-service portals, technologies for generating and diversifying revenue have developed to help publishers monetize website traffic as easily and efficiently as possible. As consumers, we now have recurring subscription fees for everything from entertainment via Netflix or Hulu to food from Deliveroo or DoorDash and even transport.

Recurring Advertising models, most commonly used in the classified business, are becoming more and more common across all channels. The sale of recurring advertising inventory on the basis of regular, partly self-extending bookings helps publishers to better plan for their financial future while also allowing advertisers to seamlessly fulfill recurring advertising needs. Just one simple monthly payment deducted from the customer’s bank account or credit card and they can guarantee the recurring inventory they need for their service or brand. The labor-intensive and error-prone nature of manually managing recurring invoices for smaller campaigns in a timely manner is now coming to an end.

Recurring Advertising as a Contract Model Now Available

Following the release of ADvendio 2.130, we have made the management of recurring advertising more automated and workflow orientated to allow publishers to simply set up subscription payment models for all types of advertising inventory from linear to digital, and direct to programmatic.

Recurring payments are a good way to ensure consistent revenue for services provided. ADvendio’s all-new recurring advertising feature allows media publishers to set up subscription contracts to automate the creation and invoicing of subscription-related payments taking out the repetitive manual efforts and difficulties for finance departments that were associated with offering inventory on a recurring basis.

In managing recurring advertising with ADvendio customers can quickly create their own subscription products, subscription contracts, add inventory to each subscription plan, create advertiser media campaigns based on subscription plans, make adjustments to live media campaigns, and apply automatic renewal processes based on contract cancellation terms that have been agreed at the beginning of any deal.

Streamlining Complex Subscription Contract Management

After manually adding the recurring advertising contract information for your subscription plan in ADvendio this information forms the basis of media campaigns and invoices for the duration of the agreed contract with the advertiser to reduce manual efforts involved and ensure that all documentation is consistent. This means that from the point of setting up the contract, automated processes can take care of creating media campaigns, automatic renewals, updating invoices, and more. User interaction is only required when the customer would like to upgrade, downgrade, change, or cancel their running contract. For example, the business type and legal entity on the customer’s subscription contract will be the business type and legal entity for any future media campaign or invoice created for that customer. You can also simply configure payment preferences and variables such as discounts to manage even the most complex contract terms with ease.

Diversify Your Ad Revenue with Recurring Advertising Contracts Advendio

Simplifying Campaign Management For Recurring Advertising

ADvendio’s media campaign management allows you to easily assign contract validity and distribution periods. This means the payment intervals e.g. per week, per month, bi-monthly or annual payments that your customer has requested in their contract. Sales reps have easy access to all the information they need when it comes to managing changing customer needs mid-contract. All ad specifications can be linked to inventory that is already existing within the system to save time and reduce error-prone manual entry as well as speeding up the sales process to increase efficiency. Once media campaigns have been created you can utilize all of the standard downstream processes within ADvendio including invoicing, publisher payout, third party commissions, accounting records, and more.

Diversify Your Ad Revenue with Recurring Advertising Contracts Advendio

Future-Focused Ad Management with Recurring Advertising

As market competition grows and margins become tighter, media publishers are put under increasing pressure to ensure they are up to date with the latest industry trends and developments. By offering your inventory to advertisers on a recurring basis you can ensure greater visibility and control over your financial planning and inventory availability. By taking the manual repetitive nature out of subscription management for advertisements this becomes a straightforward alternative revenue model that will be a perfect fit for customers with regular advertising needs.