Due to the flexible nature of media advertising sales, a highly customized approach is required for almost every client. Publishers often have a variety of advertising options available to meet client’s needs including sponsored content, podcast advertisement slots, and more commonly, digital advertising slots to name just a few. Targeting options for all of these unique channels are equally as flexible and this can cause problems for time-poor sales reps, some of whom may not yet comfortable working with the combination of ‘audience segments’.

Advertisers must then choose from the huge number of media placement, and inventory targeting and frequency options to complete their vision for a perfect media campaign.

Advertising Sales Efficiency by Reducing Complexity

Preset products are ADvendio’s latest development to help reduce the frustrations associated with advertising sales, aiming to improve client relations by satisfying standard requirements with a couple of simple clicks. This ensures that you have the opportunity to maximize your advertising revenue with every deal. ADvendio’s product presets will allow you to create pre-defined combinations of targeting criteria that best suit your business processes and will address recurring, or, common customer requests. Once the customer is happy with the selections for their campaign, availability can be checked in real-time within ADvendio to avoid overbooking inventory and streamline the entire process.

The configuration of items for placement on your ad server can be complex and involve many variables such as device, browser, locational and audience targeting. Targeting presets are the combination of these variables that make up the audience that will be targeted by your customer’s campaign items, essentially, the type of people that your advertisements will be put in front of. While a small number of customers will request a highly unique combination of targeting criteria or highly technical criteria, most will fall into standard targeting categories that are bought regularly and can be made as simple as needed for repeat selection.

Streamline Advertising Sales with Pre-defined Targeting Combinations

In ADvendio’s V2.119 release, we gave you the opportunity to define a predetermined list of targeting sets for your sales reps to choose from. The benefit of this is that you only need to configure these bundles once and your sales reps can immediately sell to customers in just a couple of clicks. The targeting options you choose are then normalized across all of your integrated exchanges. This means that you simply choose your preferred targeting options, for example, female, age 24-35, in North America, using mobile browsers, your chosen targeting options will then will be applied to all exchanges automatically.

By pre-defining products for your sales reps, you can also leverage the power of ADvendio’s self-service portal to allow your clients to engage in guided self-selling. Pre-defining the parameters of your products ensures that all your clients, no matter their experience level, can quickly and easily purchase the products most suited to their needs, without error. This means time saved in training or upskilling clients to book and manage their own campaigns.

The targeting sets feature is available in beta form for now, but be sure to stay tuned to future releases to stay up-to-date with further developments on the powerful pre-defined advertising product bundles feature.

Targeting Sets: The First Look at a Powerful New Feature for Advertising Sales Efficiency

Targeting sets is the first step towards our future implementation of pre-defined bundles of products customized to your exact needs being available at the click of a button for sales reps. Our first introduction of pre-defined targeting sets is guaranteed to save your reps time and headaches while helping to further standardize your advertising sales process and leverage automation capabilities to submit your pre-defined criteria to your ad server for all campaign items automatically.