The key to effective media campaigns in its most basic form is getting the right message in front of the right audience, at the right time. By getting this combination of factors correct in planning a campaign, advertisers can ensure they deliver successful campaigns in the most cost-effective manner and publishers can increase customer satisfaction, which helps to build stronger customer relations and ensures repeat business.

In the past, advertisers often planned campaigns around the media channels they were familiar with or had successfully used in past campaigns. However, in today’s data-driven market landscape campaign planning starts with the target audience. Identifying the collective group of individuals you wish to put your advertisement in front of and then working backward from there to understand how this audience consumes media. With this in mind, ADvendio has made it easier for publishers and advertisers to search for and identify inventory based on their interests in the form of target groups.

As of our ADvendio 2.128 release, we have enhanced the Lightning Media search functionality with an all-new targeting group filter to allow you to identify inventory based on the target group you wish to attract instead of searching by inventory names which are often defined internally and can lead to confusion and mismanaged inventory. This enhancement makes up part of our powerful new feature Product Search Plus that is used to make campaign booking as quick and simple as possible using real-time availability and matching filters.

Guarantee Campaign-ready Inventory Buying & Selling with ADvendio’s Product Search Plus Advendio

Product search plus allows you to search inventory based on the campaign results you wish to achieve. Easily identify the most suitable inventory to reach the target group you’re after, input your campaign information including the desired time period, and the Product Search Plus tool will show you all the available items that are best suited to your needs. From here you then can simply select the products you would like to add to your campaign and all available inventories will be added to your campaign media basket for processing at your convenience.

Guarantee Campaign-ready Inventory Buying & Selling with ADvendio’s Product Search Plus Advendio

Publishers can use Product Search Plus to engage in media buying for the purposes of audience extension. Essentially publishers can increase the reach of sold inventory by purchasing audiences or impressions from other inventory providers. This helps publishers to increase their clients’ satisfaction while meeting campaign goals by enhancing the reach and the quality of the inventory they offer to advertisers who benefit from more effective advertising campaigns. Advertisers benefit from product search plus as publishers can quickly and easily offer them the inventory they need based on their specific targeting groups and campaign goals. This results-driven process is the most effective way to buy inventory, guaranteeing advertisers reach the audience that is most suited to their campaign goals.

For more information on Product Search Plus, targeting groups, and more check out the ADvendio wiki for the latest information and walkthrough guides on how to use each of these features and more.