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Webedia Enhance Their Ad Inventory and Invoicing Processes with ADvendio

Webedia is a global enterprise delivering digital entertainment across all digital and online platforms around the world. The company produces content for clients as well as for its own brands, providing distribution for that content to more than 250 million viewers each month. Its media business encompasses everything from movies to sports, gaming to travel, lifestyle sites to tech, all generating revenue through more than 40 websites. On the non-media side, Webedia is deeply involved with content production, event creation and talent activation, with a presence in more than 15 countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Brazil.

Webedia connected with ADvendio to manage its inventory and purchase order process and to centralize data for its sales teams. Thanks to the continuing successful relationship with ADvendio, Webedia has been able to save time and streamline its processes to better serve its clients.

The Challenge

Webedia had no system for the formalization of purchase orders. Their AdOps team wasn’t able to validate purchase orders and Sales reps. had no access to inventory information. As a result, they sent commercial proposals to customers without knowing if inventory was available to fulfill those orders and if delivery could be assured. The lack of centralized information meant that customers could easily be overbooked and exclusivities could be sold multiple times — any of which could have been disastrous.

Compounding the situation, the workflow resulted in the AdOps team being overwhelmed. They constantly got pulled off task because sales teams had to keep checking with them to verify inventory availability. This derailing meant that, at times, the AdOps people couldn’t respond to advertisers in a timely manner. All in all, Webedia needed a solution.

The Solution

ADvendio provided the solution Webedia was looking for. By implementing ADvendio and Salesforce together, Webedia was able to consolidate all its sales activities using one effective, efficient tool.

Thanks to ADvendio, Webedia’s sales team can now check inventory immediately. Because sales and AdOps teams can share inventory information freely, they can serve customers reliably and smoothly. The ability of Webedia’s sales and finance teams to communicate easily streamlines the entire invoicing process, and invoices get generated and paid more quickly. Tracking revenue based on either linear distributions or delivery also becomes seamless.

In addition, Webedia’s sales teams use ADvendio to set up their campaigns, since they’re able to implement geo-targeting, audience segmentation, and capping with ease. Sales managers also benefit, since the ADvendio approval process allows them to validate sales discounts right away. Sales teams can also copy orders directly to ad servers speedily, with no more need to struggle through the process of entering orders into Google AdManager by hand, thanks to ADvendio’s “Push to Adserver” function.

It’s no surprise, then, that Webedia has implemented ADvendio for all its sales activities across six countries. Among the specific features that are providing solutions for Webedia are:

  • Live inventory availability. ADvendio takes booking live, so sales teams can always avoid overbooking. When you have up-to-the-minute information about availability, you’re always able to make firm guarantees about time-based goods.
  • Real-time inventory management. That real-time capability also helps you keep control of your inventory, delivering instant views of all available, reserved, and offered ad specs. Sales teams can offer precise pricing on demand when they have access to dynamic pricing rules, rate cards, and yield management tools via ADvendio.
  • Direct booking to ad servers. Direct booking allows media companies to streamline their entire booking process. With ADvendio’s tools, sales teams can access forecast availability and design programmatic campaigns. Starting agreements with top ad servers, Google DV 360, and leading social media platforms is simple with ADvendio.
  • Streamlined financial operations. ADvendio simplifies media buying and selling with its Salesforce-powered advertising software. Solutions that include automated billing, invoicing, and accounting ensure the accuracy of data and provide end-to-end visibility.

The Outcome

Webedia has seen a true turnaround in their inventory and invoicing processes with the implementation of ADvendio tools. As Franck Haible, Webedia’s project manager for the implementation of Workday and Salesforce, puts it, “Thanks to ADvendio, the sales, AdOps and finance teams share the same tool, which has allowed for better information sharing, time savings and a reduction in the risk of errors. The formalization of processes in a single tool has enabled the sales teams of the different branches to share best practices and to review some of the processes.”

As Bernd Bube, ADvendio’s CEO, adds: “We are delighted at ADvendio to support Webedia’s growth across six countries as they use our centralized solution to coordinate their sales, AdOps, and finance teams. We enjoy working with Webedia and providing the solution to their needs and requirements, and we look forward to growing and innovating together in the future.”

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  • About: Operating in more than 15 countries, Webedia is one of the world’s leading players in digital entertainment, with over 250 million unique visitors per month across 60+ assets. These assets include AlloCiné, Xataka, Adorocinema, Sensacine, Filmstarts, GameStar, JV, and MGG. Their success is further amplified through strategic partnerships with top creators, producers, broadcasters, and brands, enabling them to develop and distribute compelling content across various platforms.


Thanks to ADvendio, the sales, AdOps and finance teams share the same tool, which has allowed for better information sharing, time savings and a reduction in the risk of errors. The formalization of processes in a single tool has enabled the sales teams of the different branches to share best practices and to review some of the processes.

Franck Haible
project manager

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