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Reshift Utilizes ADvendio’s Solution for Enhancing Insights and Reporting Data

ADvendio is delighted to continue a successful working relationship with Reshift as they use our system to streamline their data and reporting.

As the largest tech-specialized media house in the Netherlands, Reshift reaches over 8 million people monthly. They offer unique possibilities through their brands such as,,,,, and While they are leaders in the tech media space, they also organize fascinating seminars and events such as IPON the innovation event for education, J-Fall and J-Spring events, Teqnation and FutureTech events. To sum it up, Reshift is a media and data company that puts on strong product comparison events and offers online training.

Reshift sees a lot of data on a daily basis. They needed a system that would streamline this data and make reporting and viewing insights simple. Although they were already utilizing a CRM system, it wasn’t providing them with any real reporting and didn’t allow them to view insights from within their system. Without a clear overview of their online revenues, they were without a 360-degree view of their data. As a large company with so much information that needed to be accessed, this was very frustrating.

Reshift Streamlines Their Data with A Better Built CRM System

Reshift chose to implement ADvendio’s First-Enterprise-version, AMS, Finance, and Connect. With ADvendio’s AMS Finance and Connect solution, Reshift benefit from an all-in-one advertising management platform powered by Salesforce with 100% native solutions and advertising-specific enhancements for centralized media buying and selling, such as:

  • Detailed campaign optimization that allows you to monitor and adjust live campaigns across all channels to ensure best-in-class performance.
  • Campaign status management ensures you can stay on top of your campaigns from conception to billing with drag-and-drop kanban capabilities.
  • Sophisticated inventory management allows you to import your inventory, create and manage prices and work with a structured media database.
  • Advanced analytics for actionable insights make decisions and identify trends faster with AI-driven analysis of your data.
  • Generate custom financial reports with a complete picture of your financial performance with everything you need in one place.
  • Optimize key billing processes by streamlining your booking to billing operations with automation and lightning wizards for effortless bulk processing.
  • Contract lifecycle management allows you to manage audits, reporting, renewals, commitments, optimizations, and approval procedures with eSignature capabilities.
  • Plug-and-play connections for Google Ad Manager.
  • Compare cross-channel performance with the ability to monitor your omnichannel performance with on-demand data and comparative data charts.

Reshift uses ADvendio’s solution to simplify its overall ad operations, primarily its billing processes and third-party connections.

Reshift Poised for Growth with ADvendio’s Solutions

Managing as much data as Reshift uses, they needed a central hub where information could flow freely to all of their team members. Reshift wanted to have a 360-degree view of all of their data that would allow for easy access to reports. They needed their entire team to have access to these reports as well. With all of their data in one central hub that all team members could access, they knew they could make better, more informed decisions. With ADvendio’s solution, their team members can have up-to-date information about all of their clients. Processes are then able to be streamlined from order to invoice. Reshifts teams that are currently using the ADvendio solution are its sales department, and the finance and online advertising/traffic teams.

Since implementing ADvendio’s solution, Reshift is delighted to have a better view of their data which is giving them a better understanding of their revenues. With the ability to access all of their data from one central hub, confusion is cut to a minimum. Their CRM is built in a way that better serves the needs of their company and can now support their growth. With more insights and a better-built CRM, Reshift is poised for the growth of its company.

Reshift says:
ADvendio is easy to use and gives great insights in our Ad Management. Marco Verhoog, Sales Reshift, goes on to say, Built on the Salesforce platform it enables us to tweak ADvendio to our needs. The possibility of using Salesforce learning tool Trailhead and ADvendio Knowledge Base enables us to expand our knowledge.

ADvendio says:
We are delighted to have such a successful partnership with Reshift and are looking forward to continuing our relationship. We thoroughly enjoy growing with their business and are always looking for ways we can innovate and adapt our offering to better support the growth of our customers. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with Reshift and evolving with their changing needs along with the needs of the industry. Bernd Bube, CEO ADvendio.

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  • About: The largest tech-specialized media house in the Netherlands, Reshift reaches over 8 million people monthly. Their brands include,,,,, and


ADvendio is easy to use and gives great insights in our ad management. As a Salesforce-powered solution this also provides the added flexibility to easily tweak the system to our needs.

Marco Verhoog
Proces Manager

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