We strive to continuously enhance the ADvendio product to ensure our users have the best possible experience. Therefore, each month our team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements, as we continue to future-proof our ad revenue management software to meet the constantly evolving needs of ad operations professionals.

Our summer 2019 release highlights some diverse and exciting new features and product enhancements with a particular focus on our latest lightning flow; debtor change, ad server gateways with FreeWheel and Google Ad Manager, enhanced tax support, improved media configuration features as well as system language support for our Korean and Japanese users.

See below for an overview of some of the key developments we have made available to you this Summer:

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Up-to-date Ad Server Gateway APIs

Customers benefit from the guarantee that ADvendio will always be on the latest ad server API version. The delivery of the up-to-date ad server APIs happens automatically once you or your system administrator updates your system to the latest ADvendio version.

ADvendio is now using these versions:

  • Features from FreeWheel v6.28 release
  • v201905 for the Google Ad Manager (DFP)

Accounting Interface – IFRS compliance

This release strengthens the ADvendio accounting interface by providing a new and IFRS compliant beta version. We have improved error handling for account record creation while also adding functionality to allow you to simulate and examine the account record creation process. The latest Accounting interface update allows you to create accounting records for inventory sold and invoiced completely within the system. This strengthens Advendio’s position as an effective link between orders and billing.

Programmatic Pricing Wizard

Our new pricing wizard enables you to easily assign programmatic data to ad prices and Accounts and store this assignment as rules for a scheduled process. ADvendio allows you to push programmatic deals & IO’s deals directly to all integrated SSPs from the ADvendio system. These proposals can then be reached by DSPs and converted into deals.


Contract commitments are usually complex, non-transparent, and often error-prone if updated manually. Learn about ADvendio’s flexible contract condition management functionality to ensure transparency throughout your contract duration ensuring better partnership relations. With our latest update, you can now apply a commitment to a media campaign per API call.

Performance Improvements to Media Configuration

Make wholesale changes to multiple media products en-masse, or drill down to the finer details of a small number of items as needed with ADvendio’s updated pagination for media configuration. As part of our summer releases, we have implemented a number of performance and error handling improvements to the media configuration feature including pricing and inventory functionality enhancements.

Applying Price Rules in Media Configuration

The ability to apply price rules directly in the media configuration provides better transparency of the true value of a campaign item. When creating an offer to send to your customer, it is important to ensure that what you are offering is available and, if it’s not available, that you are easily able to adjust your media campaign.

Our new pricing rule feature allows you to check which rules are applicable, allowing you to then further edit your campaign item and automatically apply all applicable rules upon saving.

Check Availability in Media Configuration

With the latest improvement to the check availability function within ADvendio, it is now possible to check your ad server availability on the fly in the media configuration.

Whether you need to quickly adjust some targeting criteria or any other last-minute changes to your campaign items, you can now make adjustments to your media campaigns and verify the availability before leaving the media configuration tool. This eliminates the need to save everything before returning to the campaign item list to check the availability each time edits or minor changes are required.

GST Support

Accommodating and applying different VAT types and rates can be a time consuming and difficult task. ADvendio’s enhanced support for VAT management offers you extended flexibility in setting up and applying GST (Goods & Services Tax) rates on a state by state basis.

New ADvendio Lightning Flow: Debtor Change

As one of the first Salesforce ISV partners to incorporate Lightning Flows into their solution, ADvendio recognized the power of process automation to accelerate your ad revenue management, offering customers a more seamless, connected experience.

Our latest lightning flow Debtor Change allows you to update the debtor of a campaign seamlessly; by automatically canceling any pre-existing invoices and generating new pre-invoices for the new debtor.

View our Lightning Flow listing on Salesforce AppExchange to get started experiencing the additional features!

Korean and Japanese Support

ADvendio is proud to announce that our system now supports the Korean & Japanese language. Your system administrator can set a default language for the organization as a whole or else each user can set their preferred language in the personal setup. Thanks to the flexibility of the underlying cloud infrastructure it is possible for ADvendio to support customers who speak a wide range of languages.

Make sure to stay informed of our latest development & enhancement release notes which you can access via the ADvendio Knowledge Base. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out ADvendio on the AppExchange® or by requesting a Demo with one of our sales reps.