As digital channels nowadays are driving more process-based app experiences than ever before this has resulted in increased customer and employee expectations for a seamless, personalized and connected experience. The introduction of Salesforce Lightning Flows enables you to create a guided, visual process with Lightning components enabling full control over the user experience. ADvendio is delighted to be one of the first Salesforce ISV Partners to incorporate this new functionality of developing Lightning Flows into our solution. Debtor Change, the second installment of a series of flows that are being developed is now available on AppExchange® for Flow Solutions.

Media Campaign Debtor Management Challenges

Media campaign billing is extremely straightforward, as long as you are not required to amend invoicing information mid-campaign after invoices have already been created and sent to the customer. In the past, this would involve a lengthy process of canceling and recreating each and every relevant invoice manually. This takes from your valuable time, keeping you from your main task, selling advertisements.

Instantly Automate the Process

ADvendio’s latest Lightning Flow, “Debtor Change”, gives users the ability to change the debtor of a media campaign with ease. Debtors can be updated at any time, including mid-campaign, without requiring you to manually amend the multitude of invoices that could be related to any of your media campaigns.

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The flow guides users through a predefined process, step-by-step in order to reduce all unnecessary manual actions in order to prevent any simple errors. The debtor change feature automatically cancels any existing invoices, updating all current pre-invoices which may have been created but not dispatched. In their place, new bill-run ready, pre-invoices are generated automatically with your updated debtor information. All of which takes place following a simple setup process, as outlined in the explainer video above.

ADvendio understands that each of our customers is unique and has specific needs. ADvendio Lightning Flows are tailored to each customer’s specific needs and requirements to ensure the best possible results. To simplify and automate processes, get ADvendio Lightning Flows now. Keep an eye out for future Lightning Flows to enhance and extend your ADvendio experience.