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Real time advertising analytics at your fingertips

ADvendio's advertising analytics is a powerful tool that lets you make use of all the data stored within ADvendio. As your central database is always up-to-date, so are your reports and dashboards. The features are easy and intuitive to use, even for complex reports. This means that customized reports and dashboards can be created by anyone with a good understanding of tables and relationships. Thanks to the customizable front-end, there are infinite combinations available to better understand your business.

Advertising Analytics Solutions List

With ADvendio Analytics, publishers, advertisers, and agencies can have on-demand access to actionable intelligence with ease.

Media, Pipeline & Revenue

You can report on and visualize all kinds of existing data, including the performance of individual media campaigns, the effectiveness of ad specs, revenue by account or sales rep, client accomplishments, and much more.

Scheduled Execution

Save time by planning reports and dashboards in advance. Whether it is a one-time or recurring execution, scheduling it means you can better prepare analytics for you, your team and your whole company and make sure that no information is left out.

Customizable Reports

Set up and work with structured reports that are customized to meet your needs. ADvendio’s reporting is based on the state-of-the-art reporting engine of Salesforce®, which offers an infinite number of reporting opportunities.

Export Reports

Make your reports and dashboards accessible. You can provide information about your company to interested persons outside your ADvendio environment. You can choose between different formats to export your reports and use them to distribute information.

Immediate Visualization

With ADvendio it’s easy to create customizable dashboards that display what matters to you most. Visualize your reports with a few clicks, save and store them, display them on your home screen or share them with colleagues.


Whether direct or programmatic, you can conveniently oversee campaigns, accounts or sales reps with reports. Monitor every activity in your unique process and receive a full and comprehensive picture of your company’s performance.

Client Reporting

Use client reporting to ensure a healthy, trusting, and mutually beneficial relationship. As all your clients’ details are saved automatically within ADvendio, you can easily give them the information they require.

Analytic Snapshots

Using analytic snapshots helps you identify weaknesses in your workflows.

Analytics Advendio

Analytics to help boost your teams potential

Give every employee the chance to objectively analyze their work, processes, and results. Encourage them to find and boost their own potential and create a positive and supportive work environment that will lead to advantageous business processes and more satisfied employees and clients. In addition, ADvendio gives you the option to run reports on all kinds of data, from accounts and media campaigns to financials and rep performance.

Analytics Advendio
Analytics Advendio

Generate reliable reports that can influence your company

Don’t waste another second searching through different spreadsheets to create a report or spending excessive sums on simple database statements. With ADvendio’s reports and dashboards, you use a sophisticated model that includes data from ad servers, ad exchanges, SSPs, and DSPs providing a reliable and quotable factual basis for decisions that influence your company.

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Analytics Advendio

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Analytics Advendio

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Analytics Advendio

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