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CRM Advendio

Get 360° customer visibility and transparency

As a solution built on the Salesforce Platform ADvendio offers many CRM features you come to expect in addition to key advertising sales tools for publishers and advertisers alike. This all-in-one ad sales software allows you to efficiently manage every account including agency, advertiser and partner customers while benefiting from reporting tools that can be customized for a convenient overview of all activities.

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Using ADvendio CRM features, publishers and advertisers can optimize the way they interact with their ad sales customers.

Account Management

Our ADvendio CRM software allows you to store all important information about your customers, assign multiple contacts to an account, and even use hierarchies and primary contacts to accurately mirror your relationships.


The relationship triangle between publisher, advertiser and agency is supported within the account structure. With the ADvendio CRM solution, publishers can monitor which business has been generated by which agency and advertiser.

Activity Tracking

Activities include tasks, calendar events, and requested meetings. You can define and track activities for a variety of projects, including media campaigns and accounts.

Visit Reports

Easily create minutes of your events: enter everything you’ve talked about, the meeting’s objectives, and next steps. Quickly select recipients and send the visit report by email from within ADvendio.


Exclude sites and placements of your portfolio for certain accounts. As a result, the blocked items will not be displayed in the media search when you plan a media campaign for this particular account.

Account Revenues

ADvendio displays detailed past, present and future revenue information on your accounts. The income is calculated automatically depending on the account’s media campaigns.

Event & Task Calendar

To enable your team to work together more productively and ensure they are always up to date on the latest activities of your customers, ADvendio includes a calendar and task management feature with automated alerts.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor management allows to you to easily track the competition for each media campaign and to describe the strengths and weaknesses of individual competitors.

CRM Advendio

CRM solution to boost customer satisfaction

Stop wasting time searching for information and data. The ADvendio search function scans all your accounts and contacts in one fell swoop, giving you immediate access to the data you’re looking for. Got a customer asking about their proposal, order, or invoice? Just type part of their name and immediately find the document you are looking for with our heavyweight search tool.

CRM Advendio
CRM Advendio

Powerful features to stay tuned on all activities

Collaborate using shared calendars that you can link to external calendars (e.g. Google Calendar), assign tasks and events to the relevant contact, use visit reports to record the minutes of meetings, and structure your tasks with activity views, due dates, reminders, and email alerts. Activity reports and dashboards within the ADvendio CRM solution allow you to supervise your sales team and easily send out mass customer emails.

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CRM Advendio

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CRM Advendio

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CRM Advendio

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We have been using Salesforce for a long time so ADvendio was a perfect solution for streamlining our workflow and minimize time spent on system integrations and training.

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