Programmatic Ad Management

A holistic approach to digital advertising for publishers, advertisers, and agencies.

Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

Direct & programmatic advertising software

ADvendio becomes the central hub for all your programmatic transactions. Your real-time workflow allows streamlined control of your programmatic activities, from origin to processing of final accounts. Consolidating your key advertising channels in one system makes optimizing your financial streams simple. Utilize full process transparency and intelligent analytics to better understand your business processes by comparing overall performance and return on investment.

Programmatic Solutions List

ADvendio programmatic advertising solutions allow companies to optimize productivity and drive ad revenue.

Unified Control

Set up, execute, optimize and report on all your sales activities from one system (Open Auction, Private Auction, Preferred deals, Programmatic Guaranteed, and Non-Programmatic deals). Ensuring transparent control over direct and programmatic advertising channels.

Seamless Integrations

Save time and prevent manual data entry errors with smart data connections to your Salesforce platform from required ad servers & exchanges. In the near future, our Datorama integration will allow you to make ADvendio your central hub for creating and visualizing programmatic delivery data across all relevant exchanges.

Data Standardization

ADvendio imports, normalizes, enriches, and visualizes customer transactional data from third-party sources to provide a comparable, 360° view of revenue by product, customer, or exchange. This allows time-efficient, data-driven decision making on all key dimensions of your business.

Intelligent Analytics

Enable cross-channel campaign optimization with powerful data visualization features that drive effortless analysis of key KPIs including; sales goal progress tracking, programmatic vs non-programmatic performance, ad exchange performance, and complete cost of sale comparison (programmatic vs non-programmatic) and much more.

Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

Execute and attribute campaigns

Book programmatic deals directly from ADvendio via integrated exchanges, or empower your clients to self-serve from your own integrated full process ad platform. Seamlessly assign all programmatic campaign data to the relevant customer, publisher, or media owner’s account to build a profile of historical financial activity. Robust Salesforce reporting & dashboard tools help to identify campaign optimizations by visualizing transactional advertising data from integrated DSPs and exchanges. Leverage this data to spot purchasing patterns and calculate inventory price points within the market to drive effective campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio
Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

Reduce costs and drive process improvements

Break down organizational silos with a holistic overview of your direct and programmatic activities from one centralized location. Unify your disconnected processes with smart connections to all your required third-party platforms including ad servers and exchanges. Real-time reporting provides actionable intelligence at the click of a button, saving you hours of time-consuming manual analysis. Boost organizational efficiency, and your bottom line by utilizing intelligent automation and in the near future, artificial intelligence.

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Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

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Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

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Programmatic Advertising Management Advendio

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Most CRM systems were created focused on print and subsequently added online capacities. With ADvendio, it was clear to us from the first meeting we were talking to people who understand the digital advertising space.

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