Flexible cloud solution allows international access and increased efficiency through automation

Ringier, the largest internationally operating Swiss media company, automates its global online ad sales with ADvendio’s flexible cloud solution. Global access is important to Ringier not least due to its most recent international rollout. Since March 2014, its African subsidiaries in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana and its Asian subsidiary in Vietnam have also been working with ADvendio. Thanks to the cloud solution, Ringier was able to implement the rollout very quickly. Any number of users can access the multilingual solution without the need for time-consuming software installations.

ADvendio caught on with its individual scalability, particularly through the integration of various interfaces and flexible ad server connections. Since March 2013 Ringier works with ADvendio. In the print business, too, Ringier already uses ADvendio to create contact reports. Everything from sales to order management, marketing activities and annual volume negotiation with major clients is now managed through the Salesforce® and ADvendio interface. The reporting functions have also helped to improve the internal processes. Sales employees can now extract and prepare country-specific or overall figures at any time using the dashboard in ADvendio.

“As a cloud-affine company, Ringier holds the ADvendio solution in high regard, which draws on the Salesforce cloud platform. The advantages of this solution include, for example, a lighter administrative burden for the IT team. All once cumbersome updating and adaptation processes are now imported automatically over Salesforce® and the cloud without requiring additional internal coordination processes. Before choosing ADvendio, we had almost no automated online ad management processes and were managing all of the data manually. This led the system to become increasingly susceptible to errors.” says Thomas Baumann, Head of ERP Technologies at Ringier, “Before we introduced ADvendio, data management was costly and redundant, with data having to be maintained in five different locations in various Excel tables. The resulting errors and enormous time expenditure simply didn’t meet our own demands regarding top service levels.

“We are very pleased to contribute to Ringiers successful international growth“, says Bernd Bube, Founder and Managing Director of ADvendio. “The example Ringier shows impressively how automated advertising processes reduce administrative efforts and how the entire business matches the digital world.“
In future, Ringier plans to extend its use of ADvendio even further, with more countries and even acquired companies being added. The further integration of ADvendio in print ad sales is also currently being evaluated.

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