Jens Hansen, a seasoned professional with extensive experience and expertise in B2B and ad tech sales, has joined the ADvendio global sales team as an Account Manager. Jens will focus his efforts on the thriving Nordic and Benelux markets. We are delighted by Jens’ arrival, as we anticipate the significant contributions he will make towards ADvendio’s expansion. With a strong background in sales and the ad tech industry, Jens brings invaluable knowledge to our team, and we are eager to harness his skills to further drive our growth.

We caught up with Jens to delve into his background, explore his professional journey, and gain insights from his experience to date. Moreover, we were excited to learn about his expectations and aspirations in his new role.

1. Tell us about your background

I have quite an international background, Swedish by birth – but spent nearly 20 years in the UK and some time in Hong Kong. I’ve now settled down in Malmö – southern Sweden with my fiance and baby boy!

Education wise I’ve got a mix of Political Science and Business Admin/Management at a master’s level from Lund University here in Sweden. Previously I’ve spent time within business facilitation/export for Swedish companies and more recently over the past 5 years been in ad tech with Passendo (a Danish Newsletter Ad Server) selling to publishers globally, but with a key focus on tier 1 and B2B publishers across EMEA.

Outside of work; I’m also a keen marathon runner and consequently end up spending (probably) too much time running, aiming for that elusive 3-hour mark this year! Beyond family time, I’m partial to good food with family and friends, and when I get the time, a good book (mainly history and politics).

2. Do you speak any additional languages?

I am a native English and Swedish speaker. Also, after spending a considerable amount of time in Denmark for work, I have developed a good understanding of Danish.

3. What’s your job title and the regions you’re focused on?

I’m an Account Manager reporting to the head of sales Samantha Giaver, and I’ll primarily be responsible for the Nordic and Benelux Markets

4. What led you to a career in sales?

Sales found me, given my background in endurance sports, it takes a certain competitiveness, grit, and planning – skills I’ve found pretty transferable on a professional level.

5. What do you enjoy most about working in sales?

Having a tangible impact on a business is a significant personal motivator. Given the essential role, ADvendio’s technology plays within businesses’ tech stacks, demonstrating that impact should be easy to show!

Secondly, I believe you never sell alone. Sales, whilst being an individual profession in many aspects, is a team game and it takes a village to build a sustainable business relationship that’ll last.

6. How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

With my extensive experience in the ad tech ecosystem and relationships within the media industry across EMEA, I believe I have a solid foundation to drive ADvendio’s expansion into new markets and foster its development.

7. What expectations do you have for this new role in ADvendio?

I am looking forward to the opportunity to take a mature product to market alongside working with and learning from the experienced team across ADvendio’s international offices.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Looking forward to getting stuck in!

The addition of Jens to the ADvendio sales team represents a significant stride in expanding the company’s presence, particularly in the Nordic and Benelux territories. With his exceptional expertise in ad tech and a strong passion for sales and relationship building, Jens is an ideal fit for his role as Account Manager. His profound understanding of the advertising ecosystem will undoubtedly fuel the growth and success of ADvendio. Moreover, Jens’ enthusiasm in introducing ADvendio’s industry-leading solution to businesses is a promising indicator of his future with the company. We eagerly look forward to witnessing Jens’ growth and achievements in his position with ADvendio in the months ahead.

To connect with Jens, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn.