We recently spoke with Julian Ahrends, VP of Business Development at ADvendio to discuss the current challenges of the media industry, how ADvendio and Salesforce Sales Cloud addresses these challenges as a combined solution for modern media buying, and selling needs.

To learn more about Julian’s thoughts on these questions and more, keep reading.

What are the current challenges media companies face right now?

The market is changing, and selling ad space is no longer enough. Today’s media companies must focus on audience-oriented selling rather than merely selling a digital banner ad or a full-page ad in a newspaper. Due to the imminent end of third-party cookies next year, the market is demanding more audience-oriented offerings, which is a major issue for the industry to overcome at present.

How can companies using Salesforce address these challenges?

Firstly, by simplifying how ad sales is currently conducted by media companies will afford them more time to focus on growing their first-party data.

The second step is to implement Salesforce-powered solutions such as ADvendio which is already meeting the demands of media companies today. We’ve developed a native solution that works seamlessly with the likes of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our end-to-end software solution includes everything from order to invoicing. We eliminate the need for Excel spreadsheets in favor of a dashboard that houses all of the data that the media company needs to communicate with its clients. We can also provide our self-service technology to media companies, which enables their clients to choose their own target audiences and reserve their own media space, and the ability to monitor and modify their own campaigns. All of this frees up time for the media company to continue accumulating first-party data in order to make their service and audience more enticing to advertisers.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is used by global media companies, how can ADvendio’s solution support this?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is natively integrated with ADvendio. Our solution provides bulletproof backend functionalities to completely support the ad sales business from end to end. Where Salesforce ends at the point of order, ADvendio seamlessly fills in the gaps that Salesforce Sales Cloud does not cover. This provides a fully integrated ad sales process in Salesforce.

For a company looking to implement ADvendio’s solution what sort of timeframe should you expect?

With our ready-to-use solution mid-market to enterprise-sized customers should expect a 2-3 month integration period. We have large teams that use our lag-free seamless setup. Our implementation can also be carried out remotely, which is an advantage with teams situated in various locations. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve successfully installed our solution for many companies as we couldn’t visit sites and had to respond to our global customers on how to apply our products in a remote environment. Furthermore, our solution has had a 100 percent implementation success rate with Salesforce Sales Cloud users to date.

What are the benefits customers achieve when using ADvendio’s solution with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

When our solution is combined with Salesforce Sales Cloud, our customers receive the best of both worlds: Salesforce’s extensive CRM capabilities and ADvendio’s advanced advertising transaction capabilities.

What company types and industries are currently supported by ADvendio’s Salesforce Sales Cloud-supported solution?

We support companies across many industries including publishing, agency, retail, media groups, and out-of-home (OOH). Furthermore, all media channels are supported, including digital, social media, video & audio streaming, and print media (newspapers & magazines).

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