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Media Companies and Publishers Ad Management Software

ADvendio’s ad management platform is used by media companies and publishers globally to manage ad inventory and streamline processes from order to invoice.

Designed for Large Media Groups and Publishers

Increase ad sales with an all-in-one solution that removes manual processes to make your ad ops team more efficient.

media buying, self service
  • Compatible with leading ERP and CRM systems.
  • Optimize productivity with our programmatic solution.
  • Enable customers to self-serve with our self service platform.
  • Full 360’ view of ad inventory, with our live booking calendar.
  • Process optimization reduces the need to use spreadsheets.
  • Easy integrations to all leading Ad Servers and Exchanges.
  • Connect orders with billing information in one platform.
  • Direct campaign management from one centralized campaign hub.

Media Companies and Publishers Solution List

Our solution can meet your omnichannel requirements with print, digital, streaming media, tv and radio all covered in our platform.


End-to-end print ad management capabilities, including a complete real-time booking calendar for easy campaign optimization.


With bi-directional integrations to popular ad servers, ad exchanges, SSPs, and DSPs, for direct and programmatic advertising.

TV/ Streaming

Podcasts, and music services, as well as TV via Video on Demand and HBBTV, are all fully supported.


Ensure up to date availability information for all time-based product ads such as sponsored radio slots.

Compatible With Your Systems

Integrate popular ERP and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Hubspot, and Salesforce with ease. Add your existing ad servers, exchanges, and accounting systems to create one centralized hub to manage all of your important advertising data, including campaign performance tracking, billing, and reporting in real time.

CRM Integrations

Looking for an ad management solution for media companies and publishers?


“We love that ADvendio is customizable to our needs and can adapt as our business evolves. The whole team took the time to guide us and took the time to understand our needs as we were making choices to best implement the tool, made our task so much easier.”

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