For both publishers and advertisers, creative asset management is the final stage in the advertising process. Ad creative must be well-planned, organized, and executed precisely in order to leave a lasting impression on the intended target audience. The key to effective creative management is ensuring that this material moves as smoothly as possible from the advertiser to the publisher and then to the target audience. Worryingly, a report on The State of Digital Asset Management in 2020 shows that more than half (51%) of marketers squander resources either by recreating or creating assets that already exist. This shows that unless you have an advertising management solution that manages both the planning and execution of campaigns, including ad material, it will be difficult to stay on top of all your creative activities and get the most out of each campaign.

Email and spreadsheets must be retired

Historically, creative asset management has been a highly manual process, with much of the communication and ad material management taking place via email with the details and requests of each deal stored on spreadsheets. This has been a frustrating approach for all parties because the manual nature of communicating via phone or email takes a long time. Creatives were manually shared with publishers to be uploaded and ad specifications could often be misinterpreted or misunderstood by the advertiser. This caused dissatisfaction for everyone involved because the process had to be repeated to ensure that the creative material that went live with the campaign met the specifications.

Automation and efficiency are key

There is no time for manual management of creative material and communications in today’s advertising world. There are numerous industry solutions available to better manage the creative asset management process, which saves time, reduces errors, and ensures that all parties are satisfied with the experience. The newly released creative asset management solutions from ADvendio reduce the time it takes to effectively manage cross-media campaigns from planning to execution and evaluation.

Holistic campaign & creative management

By incorporating creative ad material management natively into your campaign planning processes, you can easily get a combined overview of orders, creatives, and assets. Allowing you to more quickly receive, assign, and manage campaign requests, as well as identify campaign items that have yet to have creative materials uploaded. Not only that but with direct integrations to leading SSPs, DSPs, Ad Servers, and Exchanges you can ensure campaign items including creative material are delivered without having to move between multiple solutions.

Introducing Creative Asset Management Advendio

Creative asset management is now live

We are delighted to officially launch the first installment of our all-new creative upload features. From ADvendio version 2.146 it is now possible to prepare a campaign for delivery by uploading creative materials directly to the campaign within ADvendio. As well as also being able to execute the campaign by submitting creative files directly to external systems such as Google Ad Manager and Xandr. This is the initial round of developments that ADvendio has now made available to all customers with much more to come in the near future.

Introducing Creative Asset Management Advendio

Future development roadmap

We recognize the importance of having comprehensive creative asset management tools for effective campaign management for our customers. That is why we have already thoroughly scoped out our next stages of development for this specific feature. Our beta release will provide you with the essential functions needed to upload, manage, and submit image file format creatives for your campaigns in Google and Xandr. This feature will be expanded to support more file types and external systems in the near future. We will also prioritize enhanced approval process capabilities based on Salesforce approval process architecture, and a full rollout of this feature in our flows component for use in self-service ad platforms. Our team is currently evaluating and scoping even further into the future, with plans to make previews of ad slots, including uploaded creative material, available in their live environment directly from ADvendio, as well as validation checks to ensure that all uploaded creative material complies with the ad slot’s defined specifications.

Get started with ADvendio

Support for creative management is now available to all customers as part of ADvendio version 2.146 and up. Customers can visit the ADvendio knowledge base at any time for more information on our features, release notes or support. If you’d like to learn more about ADvendio, please visit our Salesforce AppExchange® listing or contact your ADvendio technical account manager, who will be happy to address your specific needs.