Advertisers and agencies are becoming more and more aware that their digital ads and creatives displayed on the internet need to be placed more accurately in order to reach their audience. As a result, publishers have the enormous task to provide a variety of targeting criteria and combination options to sell their digital ad inventory in order to satisfy customer needs. ADvendio’s new feature creative targeting facilitates publishers to overcome this obstacle.

Advanced Challenges in Today’s Targeting

In this day and age, people no longer use just one device as two or more are the new norm. Also, the variety of operating systems like iOS or Android have increased. Hence, the amount of possible targeting options for digital ads has steadily grown in the past years. Simultaneously advertisers demand for media campaigns with different targeting requirements has increased.

Publishers are thus forced to react and to align targeting and the use of creatives to show different versions on tablets, smartphones, and desktops for numerous regions for the same page slot.

Hit the Bullseye with Creative Targeting

Modern order management systems such as ADvendio meet these challenges by using creative targeting. With creative targeting, publishers can set up media campaigns and media packages using different creatives with various targeting groups, making it easy to provide perfectly matching offers to advertisers and agencies. They can also have diverse creatives for various audience sizes across a number of geographical locations or different operating systems.

Boost Your Ad Efficiency with ADvendio’s Creative Targeting Advendio

Supported criteria always depend on which ad server is connected to your order management system. ADvendio’s creative targeting feature combined with Google Ad Manager supports targeting criteria such as:

  • Inventory Targeting
  • Key Value Targeting
  • Geography Targeting
  • Device and Connection Targeting

The whole process of selling digital ad inventory is becoming increasingly optimized. Due to the number of combinations available, it is important that the selected targeting criteria match one another. This enables highly targeted digital ads and provides optimized messaging by showing the right creatives to the right audience.
Boost Your Ad Efficiency with ADvendio’s Creative Targeting Advendio