Effective modern-day advertising sales require a comprehensive ad revenue management platform to manage the stack of ad exchanges to align your business units and support your business processes in the most productive way possible. ADvendio constantly strives to innovate and enhance our solution to ensure our customers have market-leading tools and functionality to maximize their advertising revenue. We guarantee this by providing a newly updated version of ADvendio to our customers every single month!

This article looks back through 2019 and provides a quick overview of some of the most important updates and releases from ADvendio over the past 12 months.

ADvendio Lightning Flows: Debtor Change & Split Billing

As one of the first Salesforce ISV partners to incorporate Lightning Flows into our solution, ADvendio was very proud to offer our customers the power of process automation for accelerating their ad revenue management, offering a more seamless and connected experience.

Our latest lightning flow Debtor Change allows you to seamlessly update the debtor of a campaign. The flow will then help to automatically cancel any existing invoices and generate new invoices for the new debtor in their place.

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With ADvendio’s Lightning Flow Split Billing, media campaigns invoices can be split effortlessly between two or more debtors without the need to manually create a completely new media campaign. Split billing helps to support each customer’s unique processes while ensuring a customer-centric approach to finances, saving precious time in calculating invoices while guaranteeing accuracy.

View our Lightning Flow listing on Salesforce AppExchange to experience the additional features.

Programmatic Enhancements

Programmatic advertising sales will be another key development topic for the coming year at ADvendio with some really fantastic functionality planned for the coming year.

2019, however, did see some vital enhancements made available to our customers. ADvendio now allows customers to seamlessly push programmatic deals directly into integrated SSPs from the ADvendio system. These proposals can then be reached by DSPs and converted into deals.

Importantly, we have also made it possible to effectively link unique inventory product information within Salesforce to the relevant sales information received from your chosen exchange.

Matching your unique inventory data to variable ad network data parameters helps to keep data comparable even if the ad tech platforms have many different ways of naming or managing the same data. Customer data is also integrated directly via exchanges which helps to build a picture of a customer’s historic purchases to quickly identify patterns including deal-specific information such as quantities and pricing, all via automated workflow processes.

Self-Service Portal

2019 saw the foundations set for one of our most important developments for the coming year, our self-service customer portal. We are very excited about what is in store for 2020 with this feature.

ADvendio’s self-service portal provides you with the tools to simply create your own portal for effective communication, and information-sharing between clients, advertisers, and agencies. Clients can create and review orders, download invoices, upload their ad content as well as quickly and effectively receive clarification on queries via built-in communication channels.

Clients will also have the ability to manage and optimize their campaigns from the portal saving you time on client management and addressing clarifications. This functionality enables clients to completely self-serve to address their advertising needs, and by utilizing content moderation rules, engage in guided self-selling while guaranteeing the highest standards of content control.

Product Pre-sets: Ad Server Targeting Sets

Targeting sets is the first step towards our future implementation of completely customizable combinations of inventory to reduce the ad sales process to just a few clicks. Our first introduction of simplified targeting criteria combinations for your ad servers is guaranteed to save reps both time and headaches. Combinations of targeting criteria can be grouped and saved for future use without the need to start from scratch each time. This helps to streamline the ad sales process while also leveraging the power of automation to submit pre-defined targeting criteria to ad servers for all campaign items automatically.

When combined with our self-service functionality pre-set product bundles will allow our customers to completely self-serve, without error, even with limited experience.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest ADvendio releases, for updates on further product preset developments.

Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard

With the new Publisher Payout contracts wizard, ADvendio has made it easy to handle multiple publisher contracts at once. Publisher Payout automates and streamlines the paying-out out of multiple publishing partners at one time to save days of manual invoice management while ensuring accuracy.

With the data collected, you can then create respective credit notes – again for multiple contracts at once. This makes the publisher payout highly time-efficient and transparent for all participating.

Media Campaign Configuration: Availability Check, Pricing Rules and Performance Improvements

In 2019 we focused on enhancing the performance and usability of one of our most valuable features for campaign management. ADvendio’s media campaign configuration makes planning, executing, adjusting, and optimizing advertising campaigns straightforward and time-efficient.

The key updates to ADvendio’s media configuration in 2019 included improvements to the pagination for enhanced readability and ease of use, especially when dealing with modern media campaigns which are often made up of large numbers of varying advertising inventory. This year ADvendio also introduced automatically applied pricing rules, to simply manage complex campaign pricing, along with the added functionality to simply check the availability of ad server-bound ad campaign elements, directly from the media configurator to guarantee inventory is always optimally sold.

Creative Targeting

With the bombardment of the content that we all receive every day in 2019, putting relevant advertisements in front of the right person, at the right time is more important than ever in order to drive engagement and ultimately maximize your advertising revenue.

This year ADvendio’s Creative Targeting developments help publishers, and advertisers to place ads in front of the most suitable audiences by making it possible to filter the intended audience of your campaign creative. This means by choosing pre-set targeting options you can ensure that you can serve ads to specific individuals or demographics based on factors such as their geography, age, device type (e.g. mobile vs. desktop).

For example, if a client has requested their new mobile phone contract focused advertising campaign should be put in front of an audience of 18 to 24-year-olds in North America while they are on mobile devices so as to drive sign-ups. Creative targeting makes it possible in this situation to place two entirely different advertising creatives in front of males vs. females in this example. Each creative can then be designed to appeal to the specific needs of males or females in the target group.

ADvendio’s creative targeting makes it easy to provide perfectly matching offers to advertisers and agencies, quickly and simply, which can then be applied to any media campaign to ensure greater effectiveness.

Enhanced Video Positioning Support

To best support publishers who sell video advertising inventory through Google Ad Manager, this year ADvendio enabled the use of enhanced video positions in the same video. Not only are standard placements available, such as pre-roll or mid-roll, but new placements have been made available such as “pods” that include multiple single positions for more precise advertising. This update also makes it possible to target various positions simultaneously within one item, for ultimate outreach capabilities.

Dynamic Pricing

Publishers are struggling to control the different price rules behind their entire ad inventory. That is why this year ADvendio introduced the dynamic pricing feature to help ad operations and finance professionals conveniently manage and configure rules for surcharges and discounts in one system.

With ADvendio’s dynamic pricing, you can not only manage and apply pricing rules but also configure them directly in the media configuration section with a single click or automatically. Any surcharges or discounts applied to individual items based on a seasonal index, targeting criteria, or frequency capping are adopted directly and ADvendio’s media configuration automatically updates the correct amount for each item.

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