In practice, campaign adjustments are frequently required between order confirmation and invoicing of an advertisement booking. Requests for changes from advertisers frequently trigger adjustments, for instance if a booked ad placement is exceptionally unsuccessful. Especially in digital campaigns, such adjustments usually require a significant amount of additional manual work.

With the Commercial Optimizer by ADvendio, you can now easily and quickly make adjustments to ongoing campaigns, for instance by changing a banner placement or the campaign duration, then correctly process these changes through your bookkeeping department. The Commercial Optimizer has successfully completed a beta testing phase, and is now included in the ADvendio standard product.

Stefan Ropte, Director of Product & Innovation at ADvendio:

The Commercial Optimizer is a smart solution, designed to save publishers time and money and reduce the hundreds of manual steps usually required to change a campaign after an order has been activated.

Optimized Handling

With the Commercial Optimizer, an ADvendio user can easily create optimization suggestions for a campaign, generate an order change document which then can be forwarded to the advertising client, and activate the adjustments in the system after approval. The solution automatically takes services already delivered into account, reviews availability, and documents changes.

Simplified Accounting

The Commercial Optimizer handles all accounting-related tasks arising from campaign adjustments for you. The program automatically completes all calculations required due to campaign adjustments, for instance, completes cancellations, and creates corrected invoice and cancellation documents.

Additional Advantages

Another advantage for ADvendio customers is that changes are synchronized with your campaigns on the AdServer in real time through the integrated interface.

Large ad sales teams also benefit from the option to set up customized workflows and approval processes for optimized teamwork, further reducing manual work.