After almost 18 months since the outbreak of COVID-19, we at ADvendio are delighted to be back visiting our clients in person again for the first time following the pandemic. Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of transition as a consequence of the new global scenario, which required our team to adapt to new forms of human relations through different remote methods.

Meetings with customers, which used to take place over coffee in person, were not excluded from this “new normal”, as they had to be conducted virtually as well. We spoke to Maria Gracia Gomez, Account Manager at ADvendio, to find out more about the challenges she faced in communicating with clients during lockdown, what kept her motivated and what her expectations are for her upcoming European trip covering Spain, France, and Germany.

How have you found not being able to meet with prospects face to face during the pandemic?

It has been a new reality to adapt to, more than for the professional field, it was a concern due to the uncertainty of not knowing what would happen worldwide due to COVID. However, as a team, we quickly adapted our strategies to the new modality and were able to make the most of it and move forward.

Were remote meetings part of your sales process before the pandemic?

Yes, but there was always the option to visit. We had to adapt 100% to this mandatory modality, which fortunately was not difficult thanks to the high-end tools and technologies we use to deliver a high-quality customer experience.

How did you manage the challenges of selling 100% remotely?

Surprisingly, the media industry did not stop, in fact, we were fortunate to grow a lot during the pandemic and sales did not stop. The difficulties were mostly adapting to the time changes and getting up early for the European market, but beyond that, the relationships with our prospects were not affected by the distance.

Did your style of selling have to change?

I would say that the situation we are going through globally, certainly made people change. One felt more empathetic, people asked more about personal situations experienced due to the restrictions in different countries, and related who got affected by the virus. Relationships were more human, less formal, or rigid.

What kept you motivated?

Without a doubt, the support of the team was fundamental. I believe that the basis of success in every team/company is communication and trust. At ADvendio, I have had constant support from my managers and peers. It has been a pleasure to be part of this team during hard times.

What are you most looking forward to meeting with customers face to face again?

Enjoying the moment of a coffee, a pleasant conversation, and listening to their experiences and challenges. Just as on-site meetings begin for us, they begin for them as well.

What locations will you visit on this trip?

In France: Bordeaux, Rennes and Paris. In Spain: Barcelona and Madrid and in Germany: Hamburg to visit ADvendio headquarters.

Have you visited France or Spain before?

Personally yes, I lived in Belgium for 3 years and got the chance to visit those 2 countries widely. But, it’s always nice to get out to see these places again and embrace the culture.

What are your expectations for this tour?

I’m looking forward to building strong connections and sealing relationships that were initiated remotely so that we can enjoy the experience of meeting face to face with prospects and clients again.

Lastly, in your opinion, how will this visit add value to customers?

Undoubtedly, interpersonal relationships will be extremely positive to build new connections. And I think that after a pandemic the human value will acquire more weight and will be positively determinant.

Maria Gracia will also be joined by Robert Varga, ADvendio Head of Sales of EMEA & APAC, for some of the European meetings. We caught up with Robert to ask him about his expectations for this trip. Robert is also “looking forward to reconnecting with clients and meeting new contacts that were developed during the pandemic. We’ve all had to adjust throughout the last 18 months but it’ll be great to get back to the old way of doing business with the option of meeting our clients face to face.”

We wish Maria Gracia and Robert safe travels on their upcoming trip and look forward to following them along their journey on our LinkedIn page.

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