Integration puts powerful data reconciliation and reporting tools to hand for publishers, ad agencies and programmatic advertisers.

ADvendio, the industry leading advertising business solution for publishers, agencies and advertisers, has confirmed the integration of Ad-Juster. Ad-Juster is the only fully automated reconciliation and aggregate reporting system in the digital ad ecosystem.

The integration gives ADvendio users immediate and seamless access to a range of data aggregation and programmatic reporting capabilities. The powerful suite of tools is designed to increase transparency across disparate platforms and provide a streamlined global view of ad campaigns across multiple data sources, ad sources, vendors and ad types.

Stefan Ropte, Director ADvendio Product & Innovation said,

We’re delighted to confirm the integration of Ad-Juster to further set ADvendio apart as the preferred ad sales and management solution.  Many publishers, agencies and advertisers find consolidating data difficult, given the fragmented digital media landscape. Each party could feasibly rely on different Ad-Server data, despite working on the same campaign. With our integration, these discrepancies are effectively avoided and all parties benefit from the transparency.

ADvendio’s new data aggregation platform capability allows publishers, agencies and ad networks to automate the comparison and reconciliation of advertising-relevant metrics such as number of ad impressions or volume of clicks. By making Ad-Juster available through ADvendio, users are able to compare multiple data sources and consolidate insight along with other required data in custom reports. The new tools mean ADvendio users will be able to remove data bottlenecks between multiple platforms and add transparency. Advantages include more efficient budget management, less over and under spending and improved campaign effectiveness.

ADvendio’s addition of Ad-Juster tools underlines its commitment to delivering a scalable, flexible platform, carefully designed for advertisers operating in a multi-screen, increasingly digitized ad environment. Users already have access to a range of best-in-class tools across business units, such as sales and finance, while CRM, ad inventory, order management and analytics solutions are also extensive.