In 2019, Maria Gracia Gomez began her journey at ADvendio as a Sales Operations Specialist. Advancing through roles including Account Executive for France and Spain, she ultimately became Country Manager. Now, she assumes the position of ADvendio’s Agency Account Executive, tasked with expanding the company’s global reach in media buying.

We caught up with Maria to delve into her new responsibility, explore her professional journey, and gain insights from her experience to date. Moreover, we were excited to learn about her expectations and aspirations in her new role.

Q1. How do you feel about taking on the responsibility of overseeing the agency industry within ADvendio?

I am thrilled to embrace this new responsibility—challenge is my middle name. ADvendio’s Media Buying Capabilities have undergone relentless development over three years. Today, we are confident in our product’s maturity, built upon our extensive experience in the media industry. We are ready to showcase what ADvendio can deliver, ensuring our position on the buying side matches the strength we exhibit on the selling side. Let’s embark on this journey together, ready to conquer new horizons.

Q2. What aspect of working in the agency industry are you most looking forward to?

As media agencies continued their evolutionary journey in response to dynamic consumer behaviors, technological advancements, and industry trends, one notable strategy emerged: the Multi-Channel Approach. This approach became imperative due to the proliferation of digital platforms and the diversification of media consumption habits among audiences.

Media agencies adopted a multi-channel strategy, to effectively engage audiences across various touchpoints. This encompassed a fusion of traditional media channels with digital platforms, such as social media, and streaming services, as well as emerging approaches such as podcasts and influencer marketing.

With ADvendio’s seamless integrations to platforms like DV360 and Meta, coupled with compatibility with various ERP systems, this multi-channel approach empowered agencies to enhance flexibility and efficiency for their clients. By leveraging these integrations, agencies could optimize campaigns, streamline processes, and deliver impactful results across diverse media landscapes.

Q3. How do you feel your previous experience in different industries has prepared you for this role?

In the world of sales, being adaptable is key. With markets always changing and new trends emerging, thinking creatively is vital. Embracing new technologies and strategies consistently leads to positive outcomes. Being able to adapt quickly and think outside the box isn’t just helpful—it’s necessary for staying competitive and growing in today’s fast-paced environment.

Q4. Do you have specific goals in mind that you aim to achieve as you embark on this new position?

To position ADvendio’s Media Buying capabilities as paramount alongside its Selling Capabilities across different markets.

Q5. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for growth and development within the agency industry?

With the deprecation of cookies, agencies have the opportunity to rethink their targeting and measurement strategies. Instead of relying on third-party cookies, they can explore alternative methods such as first-party data, contextual targeting, and advanced modeling techniques. Embracing this shift early allows agencies to demonstrate their adaptability and innovation, strengthening client relationships and ensuring long-term success. Additionally, amidst this change, integrating digital strategies with traditional ones becomes imperative for effective campaigns. ADvendio offers the tools to streamline strategies and capitalize on this evolving landscape.

Thank you to Maria Gracia for taking the time to speak with us about her new position. We wish Maria the best of luck as she commences her new role, and we are excited to see what’s next for ADvendio in the agency industry. To connect with Maria, you can reach out to her on LinkedIn.