Connect your desktop office programs with ADvendio to round off your daily business workflow. By integrating with Microsoft Word and Excel you can transfer the huge amount of corporate knowledge easily to one shared database available to everyone without the need to extract parts and reenter them in the CRM system. You can simply incorporate Salesforce® data in Word documents and create sophisticated mail merge templates. The generation of Salesforce® reports in Excel and the creation of dashboards with Excel pivot tables & charts is a handy method to reduce time and enhance overview of your company’s activities.

With the help of the Microsoft Outlook integration you can access email correspondence related to media campaigns from anywhere. Easily capture critical customer emails and activities in Salesforce® which leads to reduced email clutter and email losses in the customer service.

Furthermore you can add Salesforce® menus into Word, Excel and Outlook menus and merge updated Salesforce® data into Microsoft documents with just one click. This way end users can work in familiar interfaces without the need to switch between applications. As a result, your business can benefit from a productivity surplus. The bidirectional connection between your CRM and your office applications enhances your daily work and reduces data administration.

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