We are always trying to improve the ADvendio product in order to give our users the best possible experience. As a result, our ADvendio Product & Development team releases new customer-focused features and upgrades every month to guarantee that our advertising management software is future-proofed to match the advertising industry’s ever-changing demands.

Over the previous four months, we’ve added lots of new features and product improvements with our Winter 2022 Release Package. Mainly focused on our new campaign builder functionality, creative upload improvements, digital service tax support, and integrations with prominent platforms such as AdButler and Triton Digital.

Below is a rundown of some of the key enhancements we’ve made accessible to clients this winter.

Submit campaigns directly to Triton Digital

Thanks to our latest integration to the Triton Digital advertising management platform, ADvendio publishers are now able to build digital audio campaigns and manage audio inventory directly from ADvendio. As well as seamlessly submit orders and items to Triton with a couple of clicks. Including options to set up a bi-directional data sync in order to receive delivery actuals from Triton, back to ADvendio for effective performance reviews and accurate invoicing.

The Triton integration offers other useful features to support your audio advertising needs, including transfer of connection IDs, building individual orders as well as media campaigns, and assigning targeting information all from within ADvendio, based on Triton’s database.

Direct integration to AdButler

By integrating AdButler, ADvendio publishers can save time and optimize the procedure of selling inventory. The newly released pre-built integration enables AdButler customers to build and manage campaign items within ADvendio before pushing them directly to AdButler when they are ready for sale.

Each media campaign can be allocated a single advertiser for each campaign item to enable accurate attribution, including synchronization of delivery data from AdButler directly back to ADvendio for total, monthly or daily data synchronization. The availability of this data on demand within your ADvendio organization allows for seamless and effective campaign optimization and post-campaign analysis on-demand.

The ADvendio & AdButler integration is completely functional and does not restrict you to only the most fundamental capabilities. Granular targeting, as well as zone and channel assignment, can be applied to each campaign item provided, as well as zone and channel assignment to each media campaign. Ensuring you get the most out of your inventory with the least amount of manual effort, all while centralizing your key advertising activities.

Lightning Campaign Builder

The improved Campaign Builder will help publishers generate custom orders for their clients while also ensuring that inventory is recognized as sold in the system, providing better insight into available and sold inventory on demand.

The updated campaign builder is a redevelopment of the existing media configuration tool that has been modified with Salesforce Lightning technology to provide better performance and an improved user experience. The Campaign Builder will let marketers outline the specific needs of their campaign from a single location. Providing entire campaign planning from a single system to improve overall efficiency.

The most significant enhancements with this edition will be in the usability and versatility of the Campaign Builder. Clients will be able to update and edit a large number of campaign items in a single session, eliminating the need to switch screens or save minor changes in between. If you are interested in the Campaign Builder functionality keep an eye out for future releases as we will be regularly enhancing the available feature set for this tool over the coming months.

Enhanced creative asset management

We improved our feature, which was released a few months ago, for all of our customers who are interested in creative asset management. With our latest enhancements, you will be able to guide your users through the upload of creatives by providing them with help texts and on-screen support prompts. Your users will also be able to edit their uploaded creatives, allowing them to stay up to date in ADvendio without having to log in to an external system to make changes. You can also benefit from the use of Salesforce approval processes to provide streamlined processes during your creative upload flow.

Xandr native creatives

Xandr, now owned by Microsoft, offers a wide range of online auction infrastructure and technology tools including both DSP and SSP solutions. With our integration to Xandr SSP, ADvendio users benefit from a clear, real-time view of inventory available directly from the ADvendio platform, as well as access to a transparent auction process and hundreds of DSPs representing thousands of advertisers and agencies on one platform.

Within our Winter release, we have enhanced how ADvendio handles the submission of native creative materials to Xandr. This update will enhance the user experience and streamline this process for customers who benefit from our direct integration. We have made a number of changes including Improving the behavior for the submission of native URLs to Xandr by setting the image height and width automatically. For more information on how to set up native formats for Xandr in ADvendio visit our Xandr Creative Upload feature overview on the ADvendio wiki.

Support of text blocks on all finance PDFs

We have a small but significant addition to the creation of invoices for customers who have subscribed to our Finance module. Text blocks enable ADvendio Finance users to save a paragraph of rich text with images, which can then be reused in PDFs for Media Campaigns or Commitments. We now support dynamic field values in our Text Blocks in ADvendio versions 2.150 and higher. This allows you to leave payment information with a link for your clients on your finance PDFs, for example.

Applying DST (Digital Service Tax) charges

The United Kingdom, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States were among the 136 countries that agreed in principle on 8 October to changes to the international tax system to address the tax challenges posed by economic digitalization.

DST is in effect in Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia have all published proposals to enact a DST, and Latvia, Norway, and Slovenia have either officially announced or indicated their intent to enact such a tax.

No firm international agreement on this topic has been reached as discussions continue between European countries that have implemented unilateral digital services taxes (DSTs) and the US, which believes it will be most negatively affected by the proposed changes.

ADvendio wishes to prepare all customers who may be affected by these changes now or in the near future, and as such, we are delivering a solution for you to charge the relevant DST charges to your customers that your business may be required to charge, in order to comply with the regulations as needed, with this release version.

For customers who would like further details on our features, release note information, or support information you can access the ADvendio Knowledge Base at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.