Key Value targeting just one highlight among many others!

As summer is hitting its peek, so is coming along with a bunch of hot new features. Whether it’s account, inventory, media campaign or ad operations management, the Summer release creates success throughout the whole online advertising sales process. Check out how automatic account revenues, packet function or creative upload can boost your media sales efficiency.

Smooth Ad Management: Key Value Targeting – Frequency capping, geo, time and browser/OS targeting settings will now be supplemented by key value targeting.

If you enter criteria such as age and gender during the media configuration, this data will be submitted to your ad server when you request an availability forecast or book your campaign. Imagine even sales reps could enter your clients’ desired targeting criteria within the media campaign. While creating the proposal they are able to automatically transmit these criteria directly to your ad server – for availability forecasts as well as for booking orders. Long-winded sales circles with constant interaction between sales and ad operation are a thing of the past. Key value targeting is currently available for ADTECH users. Check out the video to learn how to streamline ad operations.

Clear Account and Price Management: Account Revenue – now automatically calculates and displays account revenues of last year, year before last, this year and next year. Watch the video.

Account Monitoring in Real Time: Daily Revenue Schedule – In addition to monthly account revenues, you are now able to activate daily revenue schedules for a more detailed monitoring. Because of the required data volume, this function can be switched on and off.

Smart Account Management: Excluded Placements

Now you can exclude sites and placements of your portfolio for certain accounts. As a result, the blocked items will not be displayed in the media search when you plan a media campaign for this particular account.

The feature helps you to run your media campaign management more efficient as  look-up times for campaign items shorten dramatically. Furthermore, prevent offering the wrong sites to your customers and lower the risk of mistakes. Watch the video.

Fast Price Management: Rate Steps – With the new rate steps function automatically indentifies the valid rate step and the corresponding price, based on the pricing quantity. Rate steps can easily be entered under the related price entry. Learn more in our video.

Fast Ad Spec Management: Ad Spec & Rate Manager – As ad specs consist of site, placement and ad types, and the latter need to contain rate information, too, creating new products requires some time.

The ad spec & rate manager feature helps you generate new ad specs quickly. Enter relevant information within the ad spec & rate manager and within seconds your new ad spec will be ready to use. This video demonstrates how to use the Ad Spec and Rate Manager.

Clear Inventory Management: Predefined Packets – To avoid repeated selecting of placements or if you wish to quote special offers, you have the option to generate set packets. If you then choose a packet in the media search, your basket will contain all the placements you have assigned to the packet earlier. The packet’s price is independent of the single components’ prices. Your Product Management team has the option to predefine how quantities and prices are distributed among the components. Thus, the organization of placements in packets saves you time and prevents you from forgetting a placement. Get to know the feature in our video.

Manage All Your Ad Server Information in Creative Upload already supports the most revalant targeting settings, availability forecasts of your inventory, the booking of campaigns created in to your ad server and finally the transfer of delivery data from your ad server back into your system.

Now we top off the ad server integration with the creative upload feature. Upload creatives directly in and submit them together with your media campaign to your ad server. As a result, you have the ideal conjunction of sales and ad operations. Process your complete ad management in without switching between systems. This feature is at present limited to DART users (soon available for ADTECH).

Best Service for Your Customers: Time-Based Guaranteed AIs – helps you optimize your service offering: Your Ad Operations team can adjust guaranteed AIs to seasonal changes, helping your sales team to factor in variability of guaranteed AIs. Watch the video.

Detailed Delivery Reports: Site-Based Delivery Data – Now you have the option to break delivery reports down into site-based delivery data to allow a more detailed evaluation. This feature can be activated or deactivated for your company. So your customers have the possibility to get a more detailed insight into delivery data. This feature is at present limited to DART users (soon available for ADTECH).