Take an exciting journey through the enhanced features of the ADvendio Summer ’23 Release in our exclusive video recording. Starting with our recently introduced budget billing category, we’ll guide you through a series of powerful improvements that will transform your advertising efforts.

Discover the transformative power of the budget billing category, a cutting-edge addition that promises to reshape your invoicing, allowing you to make the most of your ad spend for maximum impact. Next, immerse yourself in the seamless integration of targeting and status imports, a feature refined for precision in media buying that ensures your campaigns hit their mark with unparalleled accuracy.

What’s more, our strategic collaborations with industry-leading platforms such as The Trade Desk and Pinterest introduce a new realm of possibilities, elevating your campaign performance.

Mirroring the engaging and informative style of our previous releases, the Summer ’23 video provides valuable insights and demonstrations, keeping you well-informed and inspired in the rapidly evolving advertising landscape.

Watch our Summer ’23 roundup video by clicking the link below as Product Manager Nicole Backeberg & Customer Success Specialist Kenneth Puche guide you through a live demo of these featured enhancements.

Check out the full release video – www.advendio.com/summer-23-release-video