At ADvendio, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the advertising landscape for our customers. Our integrated advertising management platform is specifically designed to centralize all advertising needs, eliminating the complexities of fragmented systems and manual workflows. By simplifying advertising operations through leading out-of-the-box connections, our goal is to empower businesses with ultimate efficiency.

In this article, we are delighted to showcase the latest integrations included in the ADvendio ONE solution for 2023 and beyond. These integrations open up a world of possibilities for media buying and selling, providing streamlined processes and unparalleled online reach. Below, you’ll discover our new top-tier integrations and their potential to elevate your media campaigns and drive exceptional success.

LinkedIn Integration: Expanding Your Reach and Performance

LinkedIn Ads are a goldmine for diverse marketing solutions, catering to job recruitment, lead generation, content promotion, and more. ADvendio’s integration with LinkedIn empowers advertisers to efficiently manage programmatic media buying while providing detailed performance insights and streamlined reporting.

Benefits for ADvendio Users:

  • Streamline reporting by consolidating campaign data into a single location with LinkedIn, offering valuable insights into performance and costs to facilitate better decision-making.
  • Access detailed performance insights through the integration, enabling marketers to utilize key metrics and optimize campaigns for exceptional results.
  • Expand online reach by connecting with millions of professionals across various industries and locations through LinkedIn, significantly enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Pinterest Integration: Tap into a World of Opportunities

Pinterest’s social media advertising opportunities are limitless, and ADvendio now brings this power to your fingertips. With seamless campaign management and comprehensive performance insights, this popular integration promises unprecedented reach and simplified invoicing.

Benefits for ADvendio Users:

  • Broaden your online presence by accessing Pinterest’s extensive user base through seamless integration, maximizing your reach to a larger audience.
  • Easily plan and execute Pinterest campaigns directly, as the integration streamlines campaign management for a more efficient and straightforward process.
  • Access valuable performance insights that enable you to optimize your campaigns effectively, leading to superior results in your marketing endeavours.
  • Enjoy efficient invoicing with automated cost data import and budget reconciliation, simplifying the invoicing process and saving you time and effort.

The Trade Desk Integration: Empowering Your Media Buying Efforts

The Trade Desk is a renowned advertising platform offering a customizable auction-based model. ADvendio’s integration with The Trade Desk provides streamlined campaign planning and execution, facilitated by a user-friendly and seamless integration process. Using its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers gain the ability to easily generate, oversee, and enhance digital advertising campaigns across various ad formats and devices. This integration offers centralized campaign management and improved reporting features, empowering data-driven decision-making for more effective outcomes.

Benefits for ADvendio Users:

  • Seamlessly connect ADvendio with The Trade Desk for efficient campaign planning and execution, simplifying the media buying process.
  • Experience user-friendly connectivity with a light integration that eliminates complex setup procedures.
  • Manage campaigns directly from ADvendio, benefiting from a streamlined workflow for increased efficiency.
  • Access valuable insights through enhanced reporting capabilities to fine-tune campaigns for optimal results.

Broadsign Direct Integration: Elevating Your DOOH and Retail Media

As part of its commitment to providing a comprehensive cross-channel media platform, ADvendio integrated with Broadsign Direct, a leading DOOH platform. This integration simplifies sales and booking flows, boosts DOOH inventory management, and enhances sales performance.

Benefits for ADvendio Users:

  • Seamlessly connect sales campaigns in ADvendio to bookings in Broadsign Direct, streamlining the sales and booking flows for efficient coordination.
  • Benefit from efficient DOOH inventory management, enabling informed decisions and impactful advertising campaigns through streamlined inventory control.
  • Achieve enhanced sales performance by leveraging Broadsign’s capabilities to target the right audiences, optimizing sales strategies for improved results.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Media Buying and Selling with ADvendio’s Powerful Integrations?

ADvendio’s latest integrations with LinkedIn, Pinterest, The Trade Desk, and Broadsign signal a new era of possibilities in the realm of media buying and selling. These powerful partnerships present our valued customers with unprecedented opportunities to expand their online reach, optimize campaign performance, and streamline their workflow. ADvendio’s position as a trailblazer in the digital advertising space is reaffirmed through seamless connections with industry-leading platforms.

Whether you need a certain DSP, SSP, ad exchange, or ERP system integration, feel free to speak to a member of our team to see if it is on our current roadmap or if a custom-built integration is possible.