We strive to improve the ADvendio product on a regular basis to give our users the best possible experience. As a result, our ADvendio Product & Development team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements every month to ensure that our advertising management software is future-proofed to meet the dynamic needs of advertising industry professionals.

We’ve added a variety of new features and product enhancements to our Summer 2021 Release over the last four months. Mainly focusing on our new creative asset management, media buying pilot, programmatic revenue importing via Burt Analytics, and automated campaign item submission features.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major enhancements we’ve made available to customers this summer.

Get started with media buying

With the release of our media buying pilot, we added new capabilities and personalization to help you manage all of your media transactions in one place. With new features, layouts, reports, and customizations, we can make the most of our DSP and Social Media integrations. Plan campaigns, manage budgets, sell your own product, and control media buying activities all from a single platform!

Whether you want to grow your portfolio as a publisher by employing reach extension or additional services, or you want to set budgets for your advertisers and buy media on their behalf. We have the correct solutions for your company.

To learn more about this extension, see the ADvendio Media Buying Pilot Summary on our wiki.

Upload, manage and execute creative assets

This summer, we’re excited to introduce our freshest feature, which will help you plan and execute fully omnichannel advertising campaigns with ADvendio. Users can prepare and organize creative ad materials for submission to external systems like Google and Xandr as well as reuse previously generated assets with our extensive creative asset management feature set.

ADvendio Summer ‘21 Release: New Features and Enhancements Advendio

For publishers, advertisers, and agencies alike, this new development aims to streamline and automate the highly manual process of creative asset management. Minimizing the amount of time it takes to plan, confirm, and submit creative materials from advertiser and agency teams to publishers and external ad servers and exchanges.

Please see our Introduction to Creative Asset Management article or our Feature Spotlight: Creative Asset Management webinar recording for more information on this topic, including our planned development roadmap.

Enhanced import & sync of targeting data

Any user who utilizes ADvendio’s many integrations to external ad tech systems will be pleased to learn that we have improved the import and synchronization process for targeting data from connected systems such as ad servers and exchanges. It is now easy to select only the most important information required to submit deals, optimize ongoing campaigns, and accurately invoice these campaigns.

Consider the following scenario: you have already finished the basic configuration of your connection to the integrated systems. You must now guarantee that certain information and IDs are delivered to ADvendio in order to leverage features such as targeting on campaign items or audience segments. If you are selling your own inventory through an ad server or SSP, you will also need their IDs to select which ad units or sites your campaign items will distribute to.

Consider a client using Google Ad Manager: you may not want to utilize all of the various types of categories that Google offers, such as the geo-targeting category: There are numerous granular options available, all the way down to region, city, town, and so on, but you may simply want to target audience members based on their nation of residence. With this enhancement, customers may match only the targeting criteria they need for their campaigns, in our case simply the nation targeting, rather than all of this other data that is worthless to the user in this scenario.

Automate campaign item execution

Once a campaign has been confirmed and approved to the necessary standards for your company processes, it is now possible to automatically perform availability checks and submit items to your required ad server or exchange. Previously, you had to send a separate request for each separate media campaign for which you wanted to submit campaign items; now, this can be combined and automated with ease. This can also be taken a step further for users who want to add a layer of sophistication to their process by submitting to external systems at predetermined times.

Programmatic revenue import via Burt Analytics

Reconciling data from your supply-side platform (SSP) and other ad tech platforms with your order management system (OMS) was a time-consuming double-entry process until now. Our newly released Burt integration support can assist you in importing all critical programmatic data into ADvendio, eliminating the need to create media campaigns and advertising inventory items manually. This data can then be used to streamline and automate manual processes, as well as improve existing workflows.

With the ADvendio Summer Release package, we’ve improved our programmatic revenue import, allowing customers to bring data from various third-party sources into ADvendio through our BURT integration. ADvendio users will be able to do the following thanks to the integration:

  • Easily reconcile invoice figures based on 1st & 3rd party data.
  • Seamlessly create reports & dashboards based on all combinations of data.
  • Have all necessary information centralized in one location.
  • Connect imported data to the right user and company.
  • Enhance your imported data (per SSP partner).


ADvendio Summer ‘21 Release: New Features and Enhancements Advendio


For customers who would like further details on our features, release note information, or support information you can access the ADvendio Knowledge Base at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.